Nick Fuentes || On Jon Miller's Ban From Gettr
Jan 13, 2022

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  • @Vet2020 - shut your nigger mouth

  • LOL, the Andrew Torba local PROVDA/affiliates reporting on their competitor. How hard is it to post without using a racial slur. Got to be very low IQ not to be able to do it, then defend it as free speech. The funniest part is these racist Neanderthal posting how they got banned from GETTR.

  • i was giving the benefit of the doubt to Miles Guo. Wow. I just posted your video to my GETTR, with a little note "BYE BYE" BTW, these are good sites, I believe

  • ah the last thing a double agent of China would want is to groom Right Wing views


  • Ebony is a Bitch ass wigga. I love GAB. GETTR banned me as soon as I linked it to my twitter account

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  • Once any social media sites gets enough users, they can also more easily hack everyone's passwords. Normally hacking passwords doesn't have much value, but with crypto-wallet digital currencies it's worthwhile. If you can get 1 million example passwords, GAN AI style techniques can actually be trained to better guess unknown passwords if you load in facts about that user. So a Gettr site that just imitates twitter seems dumb but then they can unlock everything.

    Again its not just the patterns that humans use to form passwords, its the type of human that chooses certain patterns to use. for example, former athletes tend to create patterns more like each other and less like a married couple, or less like a single tech it worker. etc etc.

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