Nick Fuentes || Shocking Study Links Covid Vax to Increasing Deaths
Jan 12, 2022

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  • Yeah... About this crap? The vaccines as safe it can gets. But there is always cases when it's just not works how it should. Health condition, age, metabolism, allergy. There can be a lot of reasons of this. This has to be investigated and whomever having this issue cannot have it.

    And there always will be a few whom taken it badly or shouldn't taken it at all. But mind you, if the vaccines having this adverse effect it can also be taken for granted, they should not survived the virus either. Just a part of it or the whole? These ones if you ask me die anyways.

  • There is a weird pattern... where my ex-boyfriend lived there were 12 people in the neighborhood over 70, several with severe co-morbidities: severe obesity, heart trouble, chain smokers, diabetes... none of the caught Covid, or if they did it was like the common cold. There was even a crazy old lady who has Munchausen syndrome who tried to catch Covid because her medical insurance started monitoring her fake illness hospitalizations - and she was not able to catch Covid!

  • My brother was 39, about 2 months shy of his 40 birthday when he got sick, he caught it from his wife, despite taking Ivermectin his o2 sats continued to drop, he went to the ER, they put him on supplemental oxygen and that wasn't enough, they had to put him on a vent to keep his o2 sats in the low 90's, eventually over the next 6 weeks he had like 3 or 4 pneumotharaxes, likely due to the high ventilator settings until they finally reached "maximum support" levels with the vent and other meds to keep his blood pressure up and his body finally failed, we paid to have an autopsy done by a third party looking to see if the hospital screw ups where what killed him, they weren't, Covid had killed whole sections of his lungs, the moment he caught Covid that was it, nothing short of a lung transplant could have saved him, autopsy also found he had an enlarged heart and prior to getting sick he had been recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, they where his only comorbidites, his lungs are gonna be a case study that will be taught to medical students, the lady who did his autopsy had never seen anything like his lungs before in the year and a half they had been dealing with covid deaths. So now you know someone that was killed by Covid, so for FUCKS SAKE STOP SAYING COVID ISN'T KILLING PEOPLE, saying that is excusing Fauci, the NIH and the CCP and anyone else involved in developing the BIO-WEAPON Sars-Cov-2, these people are MASS MURDERERS and YOU NEED TO STOP GIVING THEM COVER BY SAYING NO ONE IS DYING FROM COVID YOU FUCKING IDIOT. YES PEOPLE ARE DYING FROM IT, people die from the fucking common cold too, just because people are dying from it doesn't mean we need lockdowns or forced experimental death jabs, you can say people are dying from Covid and STILL BE AGAINST THE FUCKING CLOT SHOT YOU DUMB FUCK.

  • Vaccines is jewish science that never worked.

  • You mean the death JAB kills you wow amazing

  • At least half of the U.S. population is much more smarter than the gov thinks! The gov doesn't promote independent thinking and thus is their MAJOR failure!!!

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  • You should never listen to Nick Fuentes, he's a grifter merely relying on the ignorance and stupidity of his followers to make a living

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