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Nick Fuentes || Steve Bannon's Delusional View on Racial Politics
Nov 09, 2021

Three Spoons

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Clip from America First Ep. 908, which aired 8th of November 2021 on

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  • The GOP is not the vehicle they will always cuck.

  • If conservative talking heads concentrate all their efforts trying to win half the Black/Hispanic voters then they'll lose half the white votes bc our interests are different.

    America just needs a divorce. And people like Steve Bannon can go live on the side I don't. I'm sure he'd overybe very happy in Libtard Land.

  • Voter coalitions never last especially not a hundred years

  • Because Steve Bannon is a Catholic Zionist

  • It's not any different. They want to lose. What other explanation is there?

  • "...insane boomer retard brain.". Catchy

  • Bannon and others are in a bad position. They don't know what to do about Niuck. They woyld prefer to ignire Nick, but they know if they ignore him they will have issues later.

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