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Nick Fuentes || US Dollar's International Status Under Threat As Sanctions Against Russia Backfire
Mar 16, 2022

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  • Though seemingly insignificant, fees for changing currencies are a sure drag on globalization; this is why the Euro was introduced. As Fuentes correctly notes, the USD is a world currency and is used in many mainstream transactions; yes, it is partly about its stability; an inter-related aspect is the simple fact the U.S. mints and distributes enough cash to allow for its use around the globe. No other nation does this. Moving away from a universal currency and re-introducing sovereign notes would dampen globalization, and perhaps help preserve national borders and even some domestic industries, including farming and manufacturing; it would also hamper well-meaning Soros globalists eager to dictate how much air people should breath; and how much water they should consume with each flush. And, because the elite was no longer dictating terms, they'd have no reason to invest in massive surveillance of citizens -- or spend huge amounts to tamper with an election -- to assure their orders are being followed. It's unlikely the USD can become worthless overnight, or even in the longer term; ultimately, a state's currency reflects upon things as mundane as whether a state has a system to enforce contracts and other measures to protect the entrepreneurial class; are citizens well-educated and healthy enough to be productive? And, of course, are people let alone by government to pursue their own hopes and dreams? The latest round of globalization included many capital rules changes including more emphasis on universal currencies to dampen transaction costs. As a result we have globo-homo served-up from those preaching "equity, inclusion and diversity" while doing everything in their power to create homogenized Homo sapiens and cookie-cutter governments all controlled by big finance.

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