Nick Fuentes || White Americans are growing aware of Anti-White Discrimination
Oct 09, 2021


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Clip from America First Ep. 890, which aired 8th of October 2021 on

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  • Unfortunately, Nick you are absolutely right. Who would have ever thought this would be BLM, ANTIFA, MEETOO, no sign of any of those crooks…

  • The jew divides the conservative party. The MAGA crowd cares more about jews and israel than they do about America and white people.

  • So currently US & UK are having illegal immigrants coming in by the boatload, and nobody in either government cares. Pelosi, OAC, Obamas, Harris, all very quiet about this. Black supremacy. Though considering the genocides in their history, they will just fight amongst themselves if whites weren't here. Whites & Asians get along fine, as well as just about everybody else really.

  • Not easy words to say or hear. Its an akward topic, that sooner or later must be dealt with. NOT being a racist has become a virtue in itself. Pressing the issue is too much for most to process.

  • Blacks try and use Latinos to hopefully get them to side with them. But Latinos are Not stupid!! They know blacks do not like them just like they dont like whites. Blacks have caused all kinds of race problems!! Due to civil rights!! This world has gone to hell !!! Bkacks have ruined a Great Country and harp on racism when in reality b l.j acks have it made in America but they are NEVER satisfied!!! They constantly hark on race and racism when they have it better than ALL other races!!! There needs to be a Consensus done and to see how much better blacks have it now!! They have ALK THE BEST JOBS DUE TO SKIN COLOR ONLY!!! Because of AFFIRMATIVE ACTION!!!!! THIS DAMN KAW NEEDS TO BE DISBANNED!!! IT HAS BEEN A LAW FOR OVER "55" YEARS!!! ENOUGH!!!! IT HAS HARMED ALL TACES EXCEPT FOR THE BLACK RACE!!!! IT HAS PUSHED AL L.J RACES DOWN INTO POVERTY OR NEARER TO POVERTY WHILECRAISING "BLACKS ONLY"!!!!!! WE ARE FED UP AND EVENTUALKY THERE WILL BE A CIVIL WAR AND BLACKS WILK BE ENDED!! THERE ARE MILLIONS MORE WHITES THAN BLACKS ALL OVER THE WORLD AND WE WILK WIPE THEIR ASSES OFF THE MAP!!!

  • Whites are being Discriminated against and by God we are Fed up with it!!!!

  • Blacks have been given more than what Affirmative Action planned. Blacks drive luxury cars live I've in Big very expensive houses and blacks have ALK the Best paying jobs due to Affirmative Action which is racists as hell!! Aff. Action should have been done away with 20 yrs ago!! Its been law since 1963. That's over 55yrs! Blacks have been raised way the he up over all races and even tho whites or Asians are smarter or made better college grades blacks are still given every job due to the color of their skin!! It has Gone way too far!!!! Affirm. Action has got to he removed!!!! It is discrimination against, Whites, Asians, Latinos and everyone unless you are black!!!!!!! We are All fed up with it!!!!!

  • Nick is toeing the line of sounding a lot like the CRT pushers out there. It's pretty obvious whites are discriminated against badly in the country at the moment, and white racial consciousness is going to be necessary if we ever want to change that. There are intrinsic differences between the races but I don't think it would be impossible for us to have a society together, where the natural rights of all INDIVIDUALS are protected. I don't think Nick is saying otherwise. Perhaps discrimination based on race should be illegal, including and especially in political lobbying.

  • Isn't this the wrong position to take? It is like giving in, becoming just like those who hate us and hate America. You really want to give up on America's ideals? To emulate the anti-americans to gain power in the same way that they do?

  • The non-whites don't like it when people say they "don't see color" because then they're not open to being abused. Whites have to be shamed and acknowledge their shame so the non-white enemies can exploit them.

  • The truth is that today a large percentage of American blacks have become the most racist group in America. It is way past time to kill all affirmative action. It is innately racist.

  • Whiteness makes for Greatness ... ZERO Non-White Nations are Great!


  • Equality is a LIE!

    Rights are a MYTH!

    RACE OTOH is Real!

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