Oct 30, 2021

Three Spoons

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Clip from the DailyVeracity Livestream, which aired 29th of October 2021 on

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  • It's not weird or strange for Israel to have seven kids each. They are trying to grow their tribe.

  • Three kids to replace, six kids to grow the race. Two is not enough, since some kids will die before growing up and reproducing, and some will never have kids.

  • Amassing monetary capital in a safe-place such as a bank to get by in retirement is a contemporary, self-serving concept: Yes, in old age, people need care; but a check each month to help them pay for necessities reduces "care" to a mere monetary transaction. This entire concept is sterile and inhumane. Amassing capital, as well, benefits large financial firms and others who easily use the money to enrich themselves; the capital may or may not ever be given back. Hence, an entirely new concept of old age and retirement ought replace the current model. For instance, it is self-serving for big corporations who pay wages to suggest Americans needs more immigrants to "take care of" our aged population through payroll deductions .... when maybe Walmart could pay lower dividends to shareholders; pay workers more, for instance? And similar corporations; the reason we need massive immigration is to keep big finance and capital "happy;" it is tied to the outsourcing and globalization our leaders have endorsed in America for years -- at the great expense of working Americans; and as a result people don't have the MEANS to rear families; or more accurately, BELIEVE they should not have families or aspire to be parents; of course, we NEED other demographics to have as many kids as possible ... All-in-all, you are on the trail of something big that needs to be brought to light; and counter-manded.

  • very good points.... replacement is going on but it is much more than this.... how many kids have yourself? you see is that easy, find a partner and make babies.

  • In this world your children grow up, and abandon and neglect their elderly parents. I watched it happen to many of the elderly people I helped in their homes, and now my successful in the corporate and executive world, now that I'm older and widowed they have abandoned me. Neglected in North Central Texas. And ain't nobody that cares. I raised 5 children and helped with raising a few grandchildren. This has become a cold and cruel world.

  • Who would want to bring a child into this Godforsaken place?

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