Vincent James || Conservatives Fleeing to Red States & Replacing Weak Republicans
Jan 08, 2022

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  • White Europeans paid by Corp taxes to have and raise Families on one Family Income along with college paid Educations as well as job training !

  • WTF are you doing with the water bottle? Can't You get through a couple of minutes without taking a slug out of the bottle? FKN Dipshit!

  • Crazy how I can post a comment here but can’t on Red voice media .

  • We don't know if we elected them or system "helping" them .

  • United States attacked and declared war on actual son of God. The country will probably be destroyed and weeded out of the Garden. Gates and Fauci were allowed to deliver first plague. Americans will probably be put in concentration camps and killed off, or they will collapse under their own corruption as they turn on each other and kill one another. You can even convince an American to kill and rape their own kids.

  • Jesus was actual criminal convicted of going crazy at the local bank and found guilty of attempted murder when he was attacking money changers. I think he even murdered one. Many republicans form and support a religion built around convicted criminal Jesus. Jesus was given standard punishment of his era.

    Why wouldn't MAGA Americans be willing to pray to Biden and worship his crimes? They worship Jesus but they aren't willing to support Biden?

  • You are all Biden's btch. Biden is strongest President in US history overpowering entire military, entire DOJ, all alphabet agencies, and all local law enforcement in all states. No one can stop sht. Biden is half braindead and he still outsmarted everyone.

  • I just want to live out in the middle of a cornfield where people will leave me alone but I don't know how realistic that is.

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