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Vincent James || Media Losing the Information War as Russia Gets Closer to Victory
May 13, 2022

Three Spoons

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Clip from the DailyVeracity Livestream, which aired 12th of May 2022 on

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  • NEW DRINKING GAME..... hOW LONG TIL HE BLAMES SOME JEW. go!!!!! then how many TIMES HE MENTIONS JEWS.. go!! hahah these guys are hilarious. 6000 years...still here. Him? maybe another few years. trailer trash.

  • I use to follow this 'withe guy' since I find his information out of the mainstream really interesting and much of it with lots of sense. However, as a Mexcian, I'm kind of confused about what he means regarding that the US give rendition to Mexico (my beautiful "shithole" country), because on this side our politicians tell a different story and project the opposite picture. I know all governments of the world are filled with scumbag rats, but what I wanna point out is that (again) we have to be really carful of the narrative that is been pushed on the media everywhere, and see who are our true allies. And just a little reminder for those who've forgotten: the nearby states of the border were once part of Mexico long time ago, but they were sold to "the highest bidder" which it can be translated as a treason. Hope for you that your government doesn't come into the same practice. Blessings!

  • I said at covid that I thought Trump had either been replaced with an imposter or is part of the sellout. All I have seen from Trump since then says part of the sellout especially the Q bullshit after the election. You get real close to making this deduction a bunch of times but seem to back off.

  • WE NEED CANDIDATES WHO ARE Pro-WHITE, as the Democrats are full-retard on Anti-WHITE, Pro-BLM, WOKE policies !!!


  • THANK YOU. I have heard so much Ukraine propaganda from the US State Run News Media I could puke. It is quite refreshing to hear you.

  • Didn't Israel illegally annex the Golan Heights in 1967? And didn't Trump tell everyone that he was a-ok with that illegal annexation of SYRIAN territory? So, what's the problem with Russia keeping Crimea?

  • Breastmilq grown in labs by Gee, ya think the lack of formula lately has anything to do with the upcoming availability of lab manufactured "breast milk" so-called.

  • Ziss video was one of Z best I've ever Zeen. Zank you, Zir!

  • Best thing Putin could do for America, the world, would be a strategic pull-back to Russian border. In America we have our own political problems (Biden) to deal with; all the focus on war is helping the un-elected Junta keep power and cover-up the stolen United States Presidential election of 2020.

  • Really Vince? "Not having any regard for human life, Blitzkrieg mode, Hitler mode... just destroyed everything." Damn son, I love ya like a brother but... What you should have described was going in Communist mode, Stalin mode, as Stalin was an actual bad guy in WWII. Hitler's Blitzkrieg did far less damage to the cities and killed far fewer civilians of Europe than that caused by the British and Americans, and far, far less than the armies of the Soviet Union. The armed forces of the "Allies" deliberately targeted civilians from the earliest days of the war, Churchill being the first to start bombing of civilian targets by bombing Berlin. During the Allies' advances in Europe, Allied air crews (as did Russian) deliberately targeted civilian refugees. Russian submarines deliberately sinking refugee ships in the North Sea. And yet, YOU spout the typical, Jewish BS about Hitler Bad, Allies Good. You greatly disappoint me in that Vince.

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  • Occam's razor might suggest we are seeing the elites management team playing for globalist favoritism and positioning rights while the elites gain the spoils of war being the petrochemical wealth of Russia. Putin is no more a white hat then Zelemskyy, or Biden, Pinocchio props the lot of them!

    Geneva looks to be a great target for global liberation IMHO.

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