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Banned by Instagram, Facebook and Youtube - WEF and Pfizer
Jan 22, 2023


Melanie Phillips: “I am British, it made me & I was brought up to love what it once stood...

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  • John McCain died of brain problems. So did Ted Kennedy. Do you know what has really caused JB's brain aneurysm? Read below:

    [email protected]@[email protected] y0urk3vich former exec & [email protected] [email protected] in T0ronto ON carried out human experiments of radioactive nanodust on its employees by spraying/beaming dust from office ceilings/walls. Now same NANO POISONING been applied on both Donald Trump & JB.

    The nanodust when inhaled or ingested ultimately accumulates in the brain causing severe aneurysm & cancer. israel & deepstate developed radioactive nanodust that can be remotely sprayed or beamed towards targeted victims using WiFi RF.

    israel & deepstate actors, overwhelmingly hailing from poland & ukraine, also been helping zelensky with nano surveillance on Kremlin & Russian troops. israel whacked most Kremlin ppl by nano poisoning. Looks like both superpowers are at the mercy of this tiny snakepit israhell.

    Guess what really caused covid-19. All smartphones got nanodust of depleted uranium embedded into nanotubes that are coated on the glass cover & lens cover which are ejected as nanospray or nanobeam when RF is applied.

    biolabs in ukraine & covid then 🐒 p-x. What's the connection: covid vaccine induces AIDS which makes the human body vulnerable to infections. Artificially engineered viruses including 🐒 p-x can easily infect and spread among the vaccinated people.

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