TDI: PCC / Vehicle Operations
Jan 28, 2021

Tier 1 Citizen: Instruction, Reviews, Training Class Reviews, and Fun on the Range. Welcome, I'm...


Who is Tier 1 Citizen:

Interested in T1C slings:

Optics Used - Trijicon: ACOG 4x32 LED ACOG 1.5x16S RMR06 RMR08G

Optics Used - Aimpoint: Micro T-1

Holsters: T REX Arms Sidecar Bravo Concealment Torsion Minuteman Defense Gat Caddy

Cameras: SONY HDR-AS15

Challenge Targets: Stake Target - Human Silhouette - Handgun Rated Stake Target - Human Silhouette - Rifle Rated Stake Target - IPSC A Zone - Rifle Rated Standard Head Assembly 6"x1/4" AR500 Full Size Human Silhouette Rifle Target - Static Stand

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Abner Miranda, Not Airsoft, Firearms Training, T1C, Tier 1 Citizen, Tier 1 Citizen Training, Bravo Concealment DOS Torsion, GS17, Glock 19, Glock 17, CQC, CQB, CQC, Close Quarters Combat, Close Quarters Battle, Shooting Steel, Steel Targets

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  • I like this platform, Full30 is unfinished and keeps logging me out unfortunately lol. UGEtube is seriously lacking content creators, Rumble is okay, Bitchute is okay, and idk if we can trust Odysee and Dlive or not b/c I know nothing about them but they say they're still big tech so...

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