Apr 22, 2022


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An exhausted old man literally crawls out of the territory of the Azov nationalists in Mariupol. Crawls out.

"Don't even think about going out. We will shoot to kill. And it doesn't matter who," — that's what the Ukrainian militants said.

A week ago, when an old man and his wife went to get water, in a residential neighborhood where nationalists were sitting, a sniper decided to teach him a lesson and shot him in the leg. Now the bones are sticking out of an open wound the size of a tangerine, and the wound is infected, festering. The leg is supported by tendons.

Using the rotation of the nationalists, the old man and his wife escaped. At first, his wife drove him in a cart. When she simply ran out of strength, he walked by himself, leaning on two mops.

In the end, I just crawled to the DPR fighters.

Look, Ukrainians, what your heroes are doing. Here is their "glory"

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  • I Pray Putin Ends Up Arresting Zelensky. He and His Army Should Spend The Rest Of Their Lives In Russian Jail. As A Christain I Cant Wish Harm On Anybody But as A Human I Wish He Would Be Hung For What He Has Done. All I Can Do Is Keep Putin and Russia In My Prayers. May God Be With Them.

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