Are You Ok With Democrat Allowing Animal-Human Hybrids
Jun 05, 2021

This country was founded on Christian principles and the roles of Patriot and Pastor sometimes...


Are You Ok With Democrat Allowing Animal-Human Hybrids

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  • The "6 months" timeframe is a bit off. It's a shame to see media outlets trying to politicize research by getting everyone riled up. The whole point of this research is to allow animals to grow human organs so we can harvest such without human trafficking, and §1131(1)(F), (G), and (A) directly block that. [Additionally, items (B) and (C) are just nonsensical paranoia, and (H) could cause issues with AI research later on.]

    Also, please link to what you're talking about next time; this "LifeNews" website sucks: they didn't even cite the bill they were talking about. And trying to get Wrongthink out of Google is like getting blood from a stone; they hid the recent instance of the bill and refused to show anything but the 2016 edition.

  • Animal-Human hybrids have been around for years. They get tased in Walmart all the time. Or shot by the cops when they go off their meds.

  • They are called Mulatto.

  • 😡 Luke 17:2 It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin.

    Doing a search for animal human hybrids, I found one article below from 1998! This has been happening long before the public was told about it. This is what we’ve been allowed to know about, what kind of sickening things are they doing we don’t know about?!

    June 2021 Dr. Anthony Fauci Tied to Scandal Involving Human-Animal Hybrid Experiments with Aborted Fetal Parts



    August 2006 Animal-Human Hybrid Embryos a Reality

    December 2006 UK Government Proposals Approve Human/Animal Embryo Hybrids

    June 2018 10 Experiments That Have Created Real Human-Animal Hybrids

  • "As it was in the days of Noah, so to it shall be as in the days of the Son of Man."

    Minotaurs, centaurs, fauns, satyrs, pegasus, all these things existed then, and they're going to be brought back. This is the great violence against the earth we were told of, and this is why God had to destroy the world that was.

  • Why are people getting Parvo and dutch elm disease? Hmmmmm, it's a mystery.

  • Um....hell no I'm not okay with it. It's pure evil. Reckless beyond all reason. They messing with stuff they have no idea what the unintended consequences might be. And what church said this was okay when God specifically forbade this.

  • It is pronounced Kie-meer-uh... just sayin' man.

  • This is pure evil. People need to share this and wake up. Biden and his administration are calling for a doomsday. I feel so sad for my Democrats friends who never saw this coming.

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