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Boston Dynamics Dancing Robots
Dec 29, 2020

God, Guns, Family, American Patriot, Dogs, and Beer! #MAGA #BanAbortion #BuildTheWall #BanIslam...


We're all going to die!

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  • That's cgi. Robots have come a long way, but they're not capable of that type of motion, yet.

  • Everyone's going to need some dancing grenade launchers for when these things go full-terminator.

  • Very creepy.

  • I saw a video within the past six months of one of the yellow robot dogs walking through a park somewhere in an Asian country, possibly China, not sure, checking to verify that people were wearing masks and social distancing and if they were not, commanding them to do so. I'm pretty sure that was real. What is disturbing about this video is it meant to humanize these robots and indoctrinate children to like them and think they are fun and cool. As I was watching I was thinking "yeah, real fun until they turn on you and come after you." There was a great Black Mirror episode about the robot dogs as well, a good warning although probably more to prepare people for what's coming.

  • In the past six months I saw a video of one of these yellow robot dogs walking through a park somewhere in Asia, possibly China, checking to see that people were wearing masks and social distancing and barking out orders to do so (excuse the pun) if they were not. I am pretty sure that was not fake.

  • It looks real, but is it real? About 20 years ago we saw several airplaines fly into buildings, and for longer we have seen a man on the moon. And therefore we have seen Jurassic park. I have seen it all....for real !!

  • After seeing less than half of this video I already want skynet to nuke me to oblivion, just to make it stop.

  • Put your mask on and dance now. Or else. Well, at least our new robot overlords can boogie.

  • Hilarious! They dance better than I can!

  • No, I don't love them even if they can dance. Cool but scary too. Gotta figure out how to disable and destroy them when the time comes. Get ready.

  • So awesome!

  • Hey great, just get them some nurse scrubs and a tik tok account!

  • in near future, the military doesn't need human soldiers for missions anymore

  • It's partially fake in the sense that the robots did not learn how to dance on their own. They use a human dancer with motion detectors attached to their limbs and bodies. The signals from the detectors are recorded and incorporated into the robot's movement algorithms. So don't worry, it's not the robot apocalypse yet. Not for a while. Roboticists and AI experts are a long way from making a robot that can walk into a generic kitchen and make a ham & cheese sandwich.

  • It might be fake, but I've seen some of their demos before. I tend to agree... it's terrifying. These are the prototypes they are developing to support police and military. Yikes!

  • Fake...photoshopped

  • Fake...photoshopped

  • dance dance robot revoultion.

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