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Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump 04.06.22
Apr 07, 2022

Trump Won 2020

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Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump 04.06.22



“... The movie claims the Zuckerberg money helped Democrat turnout surge in Wisconsin. What? How?

The movie misses the mark on the actual voter fraud in the 2020 election.

The movie ignores:

  • The thousands of legal affidavits claiming election fraud in numerous states.
  • The millions of illegally trafficked ballots.
  • That Republicans picked up seats in statehouses and the US House.
  • That Trump won ALL of the bellwether counties but one.
  • That Republicans won ALL 27 of the “tossup” House races.
  • The unexplained late-night ballot drops.
  • The coordinated announcement in 5 states that counting would be shut down for the night with President Trump winning in each of the states.
  • The thousands of ballot traffickers caught on video or from phone data.
  • The impossible mathematical odds for a Biden win – a 1 in 2,666-year victory!
  • The impossible drop and roll numbers.
  • The lack of chain of custody for MILLIONS of US ballots.
  • The USPS whistleblowers who drove trailers of ballots across state lines yet were ignored by Chris Wray and Bill Barr.
  • Locking the GOP observers out of the counting rooms.
  • The endless supply of ballots flowing into the election centers days after the election.
  • The stolen military votes
  • The elderly abuse: Tens of thousands of stolen nursing home votes in Wisconsin — thousands more than the 20,682 votes that gave Joe Biden the victory.
  • The Dominion voting company will not allow a single outside expert to inspect their machines.
  • The historic enthusiasm for President Trump — something not seen since Ronald Reagan.

In the corporate world every instance of fraud, whether $1 or $5 million is to be shared with the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. This is specifically identified in most corporate audit committee charters. But after the 2020 election with fraud everywhere, then-Attorney General Bill Barr looked the other way. He punted. He ignored his responsibility to address the criminal acts in plain sight and instead he covered them up.

There was fraud everywhere. We saw it behind closed doors, in the late hours, and across the country, especially in the swing states.

We saw Republicans from across the country blocked from witnessing the counting process. As soon as Republicans were prevented from overseeing the election counting process the election process should have been shut down and the FBI and military brought in if necessary. But this didn’t happen. The GOP elites went AWOL. Why?

Every effort to look into the voting machines used in the election has been challenged. Material amounts of chain of custody documentation are missing everywhere. All this together spells guilt and yet every day we find out more.

The 2020 election was Rigged – but more importantly, it was Stolen.“

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