May 14, 2021


The ministry was launched by Rick Wiles in September 1998 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. During the...



Today on TRUNEWS, founder Rick Wiles welcomes special guest Milo Yiannopoulos, as he shares his journey to Christ and leaving his gay lifestyle in the past.

Rick Wiles. Airdate (05/14/21)

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  • alex jones lawyer was defending alex in a joker costume. it was entertainment, he doesnt think he is the joker.

  • I've always valued Milo since first learning about him and am so happy he now knows Christ. These men are 100% correct and it cuts deep because it's the truth. I have felt betrayed by my own countrymen who say they are Patriots but completely roll over under a tyrannical dictator of a governor without a whimper. Even members of my own church mostly abandoned the gathering together because the government said no. However we have seen an influx of visitors as never before while we lost some members. Hard times are coming for this country and the church and it will only weed out the false Christians and strengthen the true. It's easy to get distracted by the political struggles and forget that our true mission as Christian's is spreading the gospel. The video is serving as admonition and encouragement, thank you so much.

  • You’re not a man of Faith yet, Milo! How quickly you gave up on Trump, just probably as quickly you switched from gay to straight... Trump’s never gave up, he is playing the long game to expose the frauds to the people, the short game would have been war, with a disastrous outcome for the country. You guys have no spine and your exchange is neither constructive, original, nor funny.

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  • This was fabulous interview! I loved the candidness and openness that you both had with each other. You had me on the edge of my seat till the very end. There is never a dull moment with Milo. You guys made me laugh throughout the interview.

  • Very interesting interview, I enjoyed it immensely! Sad but true that the election was stolen, I just pray that we have another chance to vote in 2024. As it stands the Socialist Democrats are doing everything possible to prevent that. What is truly appalling are the Rinos who have betrayed the Republican party, I wish that there was another party to vote for because I am so fed up with the Republican party and their lack of leadership.

  • Good interview! Praying for you Milo!.. Keep fighting the good fight and keep staying anchored to folks like Rick and those around him. Matthew 16:24-26

  • If you two think that President Trump and the patriots were blind sided with a stolen election and abandoned America then both of you need to put on a new pair of glasses and see whats being exposed to the people right now. People are waking up by the thousand s every day. The plan is to destroy the deep state machine that's been controlling our world from the shadows. They are now being exposed and we the people are rising up to change things from a grass roots approach. The plan has always been to save our country not just win an election. The whole one world central bank system is failing and the evil demon-rats know whats coming. Everything is coming out at once and it will be the perfect storm. Do you think that's just a coincidence We have more yet to go through but when our govt. becomes non functional the military will step in until a stable govt is installed. New elections will be ordered and overseen by the military and Trump will again become our next President. That's always been part of the plan.You two ought to wake up.

  • "The straight life" what the heck, he's suddenly having sex with women now? Why is this treated like an ontological category, that's just absurd!

    The only logical way to describe this would be that the activity is the sin and the category is a Foucalt created label that distracts from judging action and moves to judging people .. it's an intellectual trap that they're still falling in. A dog will hump your leg but we don't call it "leg-sexual." If it's a sin, then it's the act not the "condition" so he was sinning and now he isn't but the biological creature is unchanged .. although the heart certainly may have.

    I really like Milo, well before the Battle of Berkeley, but I wish he would focus on the histrionic (or I think less likely narcissistic) personality traits .. I bet they're really the root any other difficulties he has.

  • I must be the only person here that did not know Milo was homo. I too wish Americans had fought harder for election integrity. As is, all expectation of near honest results have been bashed in a way that is almost hopeless without massive revolution.

  • Milo, most conservatives have jobs and family and maybe not enough money or vacation time to fly to DC for "events". I think it is easy for a single person to imagine that your ethics and beliefs can trump your day to day responsibilities. It is a bigger problem than a march against DC and most conservatives know that. The answer is changes on a local level that scale up to a national change. You can't start in DC. You have to start in your area.

  • Gender-confusion emanates from a pre-birth, Barr-body deficit.

  • Brilliant interview, I think we have not heard Milo in top form yet. His best days are ahead of him still!

  • did he just say the dangerous faggot tour? loool i have new found respect for trunews

  • Free speech is powerful.

  • civil war is the only way out now.

  • Wonderful to see Christ moving in these men.

  • As the "Church" goes so goes the "Nation"!!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation because both Rick Wiles and Milo Yiannapoulos are exceptional wordsmiths saying precisely what they mean. Best takeaway wisdom: 1--Homosexuality is not inborn but nurtured. 2--Spiteful single feminists lead the gay push especially onto their own children if any. Both groups hate the man-woman complementary authenticity because they are trying to avenge their emotional baggage. I also admire Rick and Milo's candor addressing the impotent Republican Party and especially Milo's detailing his painful dysfunctional family. I only want to add two thoughts: 1--Milo looked near death with ominously black circled eyes before his conversion so his flip had a physical urgency in addition to his spiritual epiphany. 2--President Trump is not a quitter. Letting the world witness RESident Biden's radical agenda is the quickest way to avenge the stolen election. The Big Lie is unsustainable. Trump will catch us on the flip side. Milo, I wish you a blessed future that includes a loving woman and beautiful babies.

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