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Facebook Caught Red-Handed Censoring Bioweapon Truth of CCP Virus
May 25, 2021


The ministry was launched by Rick Wiles in September 1998 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. During the...



Today on TRUNEWS, host Edward Szall explores the collaboration between big tech censors and the Chinese Communist controllers. A new video from Project Veritas has introduced two new whistleblowers that shows how Facebook did more than suppress ‘conspiracy theories’, but also verifiable data and facts.

A change in the China Wuhan lab narrative is becoming apparent, shifting from denial of the source of the virus to an ‘accidental release’.

Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 5/25/21.

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  • Zuckerborg is just another Satanic freemasonic member of the Synagogue of Satan.

  • "Red-handed". I caught your play on words.

  • Any Social network that is not listing posts chronologically, Is playing with your friend's narratives.

  • No wonder those fucks at Facebook keep putting me in FB jail.

  • For some reason this doesn’t play.

  • I'm looking for a platform to reach the forsaken so I can help educate them. If you would share my channels with everyone before they are deleted and I start all over again. If your reading this than you are under gods protection and carry his seal on your forehead so share my info with everyone its free and I don't take donations. I spend money for truth I don't make money.

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