Grandpas' Wisdom: Don't Do Any Deals with Trump
Jun 08, 2021

The ministry was launched by Rick Wiles in September 1998 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. During the...


Andrew Torba shares some wisdom he received from his grandpas and why he didn't sell out to the Kushner administration.

You can watch the full interview with Andrew here:

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  • Fair enough. Don’t change, Andrew.

  • Still butthurt He could not use the Trump name to gain users I see. Is there anything Andrew would like to tell us before he pushes Trump to state the real reason?

  • Torba is correct. Trump's biggest flaw is that he is a terrible judge of character. He continues to give the swampy garbage around him influence and power. It means that Trump cannot be trusted either, because he follows their astoundingly awful advice. His behavior since January certainly confirms his lack of trustworthiness. Still there is not one mention of his most loyal voters being rounded up for torture and life sentences; even though it shows that we're in a God-damned banana republic. Not one peep about that. But take that vaccine now! Poison your family! The fact that he's still crying about Twitter, but refuses to come here, ought to tell you something. Maybe he really wanted to change the swamp, but the swamp changed him. The bottom line is that he isn't loyal to us. He's loyal to them, and they're pit vipers. We have to dump him and move along. He was darn entertaining, but we're in worse shape now than we were before him. It's time to accept some painful facts.


  • Every time I see an image of Kushner, I see a demon.

  • I see Torba is still bitter his pick lost the primary back in 2016.

    Don't do any deals with Torba. He'll stab you in the back the moment you bring up his past as a registered Democrat.

  • Sage advice

  • Could I dislike Torba any more than I do now?

    Yes, apparently I can.

    Andrew, you may be righteous, you may be right.

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