President Biden's Famous Mental Lapses During First 4 Months
May 13, 2021

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There's something wrong with Joe.

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  • This man is such an embarrassment to our great nation. To think other countries believe America really elected this moron over Trump makes me cringe. Biden was NOT ELECTED! HE WAS INSTALLED!

  • The best thing about his dementia is going to be the live stream when they make him take the stand in his own defense at his trial for treason for his involvement in the Coup of 2020. That is if they let him survive the transition to Heels Up Harris sometime next year.

    This political Kabuki theater is nauseating.

    Resist, friends. Refuse to Submit to the Lie. Do not Consent.

    Have faith that somehow our world will be shown through to the other side of this Darkness.

  • Over sixty five isn't the problem, with age comes wisdom. This is about mental competence.

  • Wow, host this in Rumble, hilarious vid but this platform us not ready for prime time.

  • He's a senile puppet!

  • lol that was rich, thank you

  • We have an Alzheimer’s patient running our country! When are they going to make a law where a president cannot be older than 62-65 to run? The cut off age for a president should be retirement age. Honestly as a young senior myself there is no way that he is mentally competent and alert enough to make decisions of such great importancy! Seriously is this just a joke putting this puppet or what have you, in office just for kicks and giggles? I’ve seen elections for six decades now and NEVER in my history has there been a president where not only was he not voted for and a crooked election at that but the lack of intelligence of his own is beyond apparent. He can’t even read the damn teleprompter without screwing up. I also don’t see a way to put our True Leader- President Trump back in office. How much more proof do we need proving that Biden is in office illegally. This is a sneaky communistic test on us American people. I’m ready to fight for the rights our forefathers died for us to get.

  • That idiot and his evil cronies are turning the once great USA 🇺🇸 into the land of the joke, a bad joke 🤡.

  • That idiod and his cronies are turning the USA into a bad joke.

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  • What an embarrassment to our country.

  • HE Went to the mountain 120 yrs ago

  • Such a embarrassment a nursing home candidate he is .Why did people think it was okay to vote for this senile old man , the left really are trying to pull a fast one on us pretending he’s a okay 👍🏻 The mental patients running the asylum . I’m just embarrassed for our country.

  • Brain dead Biden

  • So embarrassing for our country. He is cringey to watch and listen too. Bring President Trump back

  • Yep panicking because of all the stuff he's done to help the working people like hand out "free money" to keep them from having any desire of going back to work! Taking the freedom of the people who elect those who hold offices in the government to build up the power of the government to control every aspect of our lives! This is not the role of the government to sit there and sign executive orders as if you are some kind of Magistrate bypassing congress. They are there to serve us, not to take control of us. And as far as his Lapses, He is reading a teleprompter or has a device in his ear telling him what to say. do some research and go listen to some of his addresses to congress and you can clearly see he cannot speak as he used to, he has been in front of a microphone all his adult life, its not new to him, he just does not have the ability to retain thoughts like he used to and should not be in that office being manipulated like he is.

  • Most of these are not even lapses but minor delays and not even errors.

    I think you are trying to trump something up because you are panicking about his high approval ratings and all the things he is managing to get done for working people in such a short period of time. He is building up American rather than systematically undermining and destroying the capacity of the federal government as his predecessor did.

  • I think they're panicking because Harris isn't what they thought, and Biden is declining so fast they don't know what to do. That's why we hardly ever see the poor ole man. Imagine wanting something your whole life then you get it and told to be missing in action more than any other president in history. He's probably being tricked and told this is how they all do it, cause he's so far gone he hardly realizes reality.

  • TruNews!!! YES!!!

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