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Pro-Gun Rights James Shaw Running for Florida Agriculture Commissioner
Mar 28, 2022


The ministry was launched by Rick Wiles in September 1998 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. During the...



Presently, the State of Florida is a Republican state. All statewide offices except one are held by conservative Republicans. The state legislature is also controlled by Republicans. The lone statewide Democrat in Florida is Nikki Fried. She was elected four years ago as Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture.

Nikki Fried is not a liberal Democrat. She is a far-leftist Democrat. A lot of Floridians were surprised she won the Ag Commissioner race. It is doubtful that Nikki Fried ever visited a farm in her life prior to running for the state’s commissioner of agriculture.

The good news is that Nikki Fried is not running for re-election. The other good news is that she is running for Governor of Florida and Ron DeSantis will put an end to her political career. Nobody will defeat Ron DeSantis in 2022.

Why am I talking about the Florida Ag Commissioner? Two reasons. Number one, the office is one of the most powerful state offices in Florida. In addition to overseeing Florida’s vast farming industry, the commissioner also runs the state’s department of consumer affairs. Number two, the Ag Commissioner is the Florida official who decides who is given concealed carry permits. For the past four years, Floridians have had a far-left gun grabber in the office that regulates concealed gun permits.

The third reason I'm talking about this job today is that we have a man running for the position who is a real Christian, a real patriot, and a real farmer. Most of you already know him. His name is James Shaw. Mr. Shaw is a husband married to his wife for 40 years, father of 8 children, grandfather to 20 grandchildren, a 12th generation American citizen, a Colgate University graduate, and a successful businessman and farmer. His website is VoteJim.US.

Rick Wiles, James Shaw. Airdate 3/28/22

Vote for James W. Shaw for Florida's Agriculture Commissioner

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