The Republic Has Fallen, War Likely By End of 2021
Jun 29, 2021

The ministry was launched by Rick Wiles in September 1998 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. During the...


Green Beret Master Sergeant Jeremy Brown: The Republic Has Fallen, War Likely By End of 2021

Watch the full Godcast here:

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  • The Communist Chinese Military has been in Canada all winter raining with Canadian forces too

  • total bullshit, of course wall street wants more war, you dont' have to be an experet to know that~

  • So, De Oppresso Liber Retired with you ? Naw Bro. It's going to take Men like you to recruit the Minute Man Armies

  • ok so he's full of shit but at least at the end he saves himself by saying all h knows is that people need to become more involved. Other than that he admits he has No Clue what's coming but every summer we get the Fear being pumped on youtube and other platforms to keep viewers interested otherwise they would all go on with their lives for the Summer at least.

  • Jews will have us eating out of garbage cans and these wooses will be saying its the Chinese.

  • "I'm not a violent extremist like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson."

    "You're going to have to find a way to react that is more palatable."

    With so-called leaders like this who needs enemies?

  • This could be true.

  • WOW talk about misleading? I am not a violent extremist. Talk about your caveats. Oh and by the way here is what 10 mega ton explosion looks like. 1956 the year I was born in fact. Note: that mushroom cloud is 50 miles away.

  • 10 megaton bomb going off off the Florida coastline? It was a 10K bomb test. 10 Megaton? Bro get a grip.

  • Sadly, WAR is far preferable to a ccp-backed, Illegitimate-Proxy b¡den Administration… Should have started in NOV 2020.. (Its been Unconventional Warfare against Americans for years now, Nobody is Yet fighting back!)

  • watch out for entrapment and don't get involved with people you don't know and trust with your life. the clandestine 3 letter orgs have infiltrated every political change group, on the left and the right. Don't be a shmuck. the people who walked into the capital after being let in by the police and urged by the fbi and antifa? stooges. useful idiots who never bothered to ask themselves what "nothing" their actions would achieve.

  • Naaaa. Between Right & Left? We all know it would be a short war. They know it too. China? Not a ground war. Inviolable Sovereignty, they preach it. The Chinese understand patience.... we're clueless. The war will be (is) socio-economic, and they're already kicking our asses because most Snuffy, Meemaw & Junior haven't noticed and they haven't noticed because they don't give a good God damn. As long as they have their precious phone, and Walmart, the two most effective weapons in the bad guys inventory.... they're happy and we're doomed.

  • Oh My Starz.... Who is this clown? SF E8.....meh.

  • Miss President Trump yet? Catch his barn burner streaming 24-7 on Frank Speech:

  • On the topic of covid, you know what I've always wondered about it? If it wasn't artificially made to be more infectious in humans, and wasn't cultured or even created in the Wuhan lab, whether released purposefully or accidentally... Then why did it jump to humans just NOW. The Chinese at their wet market there have been eating bats and preparing them in the same manner forever. Why just now? Isn't it more likely that, and I'm going to give the communists the benefit of the doubt here, that they were culturing the virus at the lab there, and one of the workers through failing safety protocols became infected. And because of how the CCP works and how fuck ups are covered up in order to not face the wrath of the people above you, and to save face, instead of addressing it, the worker just kept it under wraps... Then they proceeding to accidentally infect people. We witnessed this very act of covering things up and not dealing with it until it's absolutely necessary or no longer deniable, by the CCP when they had their first cases back in November and didn't do shit till the very end.. I don't think that Covid was purposely manufactured and weaponized in this case (at least not yet), for the simple fact that if it was, why would they release it in their own country? I think that maybe they weren't culturing it to later be weaponized, and then the lab leak occurred...

  • Let's pray we don't have any fighting

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