We Are Under Talmudic Law
Jan 14, 2022

The ministry was launched by Rick Wiles in September 1998 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. During the...


According to the Jewish Talmud, an unborn child is not human. We are under Talmudic law...they can kill them by the millions and that's what they're going to do to the living." Rick Wiles

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  • U may be under that law but I am under gods law

  • I don’t agree with you on this sir U are a little over the edge

  • No we are under God's Mercy and Grace. where ever do you get your nonsense from sheesh

  • Under what? Under Talmudic Law? the Talmud is not a Law Book, it is a recompilation of discussions about Law and many other things, besides, I think u people are referring to something else, abortion is forbidden in Judaism that is the Law, because the baby soul enter the body in the wound of the mother , that is the Holy ghost, and nobody has the right to take that away. anyhow I think u people have a problem with language seriously u seem to be unable to read Jewish text and understand what they are talking about and how when etc..... very serious issue. By the look of this guy, he is a pedophile is all over his face.... amazing woow what a filthy lair

  • No we did not discard the Holy Bible and adopt the talmud. Most Americans have no idea what the talmud is. Satan and his jews took over our nation through deceit. We still have our Holy Bible and most importantly our Father Jesus Christ, and we know how the ends.

  • According to the Talmud. it's not just the unborn who aren't human. Anyone who's not a Jew isn't human. I think the way to bring them down is to make them defend what the Talmud says. Make little Ben Shapiro defend what it says because he IS a fanatic follower of it. But we don't do it. Some of us whine about it, but we do nothing.... like the goyim we are.

  • You've got to fight for your right to supremacy.

  • he gets it

  • That's a kicker non vaxxed, the vaxed will be non human. The vaxxed are non human from taking the poison jab.

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  • Glad you figured it out. Now you guys can quit blaming everything on Nazis. Nazis didn’t follow Talmudic law did they?

  • Research what the rabbis say about Tikkun Olam

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