Why Isn't Trump on Gab?
Jun 08, 2021

The ministry was launched by Rick Wiles in September 1998 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. During the...


Many people have asked, "Why isn't Trump on Gab?" Here's why - The Kushner administration would not allow Trump to use GAB unless Andrew Torba banned users who criticized Israel.

Watch the full interview here:

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  • You know. I heard "as long as they don't say anything illegal!", sounds like compliance to me. You should say, "Socially Accepted Free Speech" instead of "Free Speech!"

  • One need only read this comment thread to understand why Trump isn't on Gab. And Trump isn't the problem.

  • I've seen few kikes that look as reptilian as Kushner.

  • Because it's "Antisemitic," obviously, and this guy married his white Christian daughter to an Edomite.

  • Because jews 👌🏿

  • HAHAHA!!! I could have told you why Trump isn't on GAB. He would be deleting GAB NAZIs from his followers, and not be able to get any real information out there. GAB has the highest concentration of Hitler loving wanna be NAZIs I have ever seen. I just ignore their garbage, but Trump can't be seen on a platform that allows it. HAHAHA!


  • U are the same scumbag just like FB, Twitter etc.. THEREFORE the president is not here. Why I am not surprise? - the Jews are enemy of all thinking and free mand on this planet which they will steal for them selves.. Judas er and always be the Judas, nothing more

  • an even deeper question: why is his son-in-law deciding? Trump's a big boy. he's been accused of anti-semetism, the man who has Jewish grandchildren. that is absurd, 99% of people know the accusation is absurd. I can see no good reason why he shouldn't be on Gab

  • Why is there someone doing threads at gab, posing as Donald Trump? And why did gab censor my post on the Fake Donald Trump thread about Deagel's Depopulation of America Information ? Seems anything goes at gab until it ruffles someone at gab's Deep State feathers. I'm starting to think Andy Torba is Gov. Op and is front.....Just as Facebook is a Gov. Op and Zuckerjew is a front.

  • Gab has an entrenched, vocal, anti-Semitic minority. Typical users on Gab span the dial. You can find Catholic soccer moms, hard core conservative truckers and everything in between. If Trump were on Gab though, the Main stream media (liberal Propaganda) would immediately associate him with the hate groups as they have done in other venues when the opportunity presented itself.

  • Gab user's anti-Semitic posts removed.

  • Synagog of satan

  • Too old to learn a new app. #LowIQPrez

  • I thought it was because of all the anti-Semites. If you ever needed proof that Trump is none to bright, just look at who he doesn't take advice from.

  • I see that you deleted my previous comment. Why? because I pointed out that Gab was not functioning well when Pres. Trump was censored. Now it functions better. But apparently you allow horrid comments to be on, but NOT THE TRUTH. stop this nonesense.

  • Kushner is a criminal. Has nothing to do with being Jewish but he thinks people are picking on him. He is Trumps second biggest mistake. He should have been kept at a distance and he is a problem that we have all accepted because he loves the heck out of his daughter. His first greatest weakness. She's a beauty and I like her but I believe she is the reason Kush has the access he does. Just an opinion. Always open to new evidence.

  • He is right. Spot on. Gab is the best platform I've found so far.

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