Nov 30, 2021

Truth and Art TV

I'm Bernie creator of Truth and Art TV. I am a patriot psychologically analyzing the birth of...



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  • Wasn't Q narrative supposed to be using Military Tribunals? Why would Ghislaine Maxwell trial be held in Southern District of New York? This is how you know Q was psychological operation meant to pacify internal resistance. If Q was real internal whistleblowers with high level clearance then they probably have all been killed by now. Finite number of lifeforms around sensitive systems, easy to kill and replace. Deep state played military for fools the same way in the Middle East feeding them small false victories and hopium unitil the military finally had to surrender to the Taliban after 20 years. They even left all the equipment and civilians behind...

    Since this has been going on for 5 years already, it will probably take 15 more years or so before military realizes they were played again and have to surrender to deep state cabal. Maybe military wakes up. You would think the most expensive military in the world would be able to stop medical experimentation. They lost every modern war and they somehow even figured out how to go back and lose the gains won in WW2? Medical experimentation is back in the US? And vaccines shed so everyone is part of the experiment? Maybe military is overwhelmed trying to defend elections and democracy overseas...

  • I'd like to know what just killed my best friend then if it wasn't the virus.....he was diagnosed and died 5 days ago....and yeah I'm in Michganistan.

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