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Are You Falling For Chauvin 2.0?
Nov 25, 2021

Truth and Art TV

I'm Bernie creator of Truth and Art TV. I am a patriot psychologically analyzing the birth of...



Recorded live Wed Night 11-24-21

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  • Go watch the Ahmaud Arberry shooting again. No way their testimony was true in court. They were not chasing a suspected robber like they said. There car was ahead of Arberry when he approached them from behind. They were stopped in the street like it was a roadblock checkpoint. Arberry went to run around him and then saw they had a shotgun and he tried to disarm them. AT NO POINT WAS A CITIZENS ARREST ATTEMPTED. Go watch the video. The only explanation is its some race war in the south, similar to how Blacks play knockout king and post videos of killing whites to their social media, they were playing some kill black guy game. You can investigate to see if Arberry really was enrolled in tech school to become an electrician. Whole thing could be paid actors scripted event to tell two different sets of facts to both sides to try and start race war, but if video is real, that was roadblock checkpoint murder. Nearly all white jury agreed.

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