Jan 20, 2022

Virginia Dare

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On Saturday, January 15th, 59-year-old Robin Baucom, a manager of a Harris County Texas Cracker Barrel, was murdered after intervening in the attempted robbery of her employee.

Read the full story here:

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  • Harris county? That's Houston, a city with a VERY high Negro population. it has had a high Negro population for many years, but after hurricane Katrina, many more were resettled there by FEMA from New Orleans. The writing is on the wall for whites: GET OUT OF THE MAJOR URBAN CENTERS. They are a death trap for whites. There is little difference between any large US city and Cape Town or Johannesburg.

  • Its time to stop posting these photos of black murderers next to their white victims and romanticizing it and get out there and start something more substantial like a Civil War, as this will just cause more consternation and internalizing of the problem rather then doing something. Let's start protesting or something like this. Enough is enough.

  • On another channel, someone posted (presumably a white guy), that he had been incarcerated and the prison (for a while) had a policy of giving the blacks high nutrition food, and the whites, low nutrition food. The reason was they wanted to make the blacks stronger with the plan to release them from prison so they would terrorize and kill people (yes, it's a satanic plan). It's part of the depopulation agenda which I believe the little hats are running.

  • Thank you VDARE, we need to keep Colin Flaherty’s work alive.

  • These White Women are dead because we live under an antiWhite regime that teaches non-Whites that it is moral to rob, rape and murder White People.

  • If Obama had a son he would be like Nathan Humphrey.

  • The dirty nigger, Nathan Humphrey, who executed kindly grandmother, Robin Baucom, was himself shot down by good White men today.


  • the joys of diversity

  • These people are narcissists. They murder whomever they want. That is extreme superiority complex. While the pretend to be inferior and play victims.

  • Asian women too.

  • a criminal negrow sodomite, those thugs never gonna come to my neighborhood with they gangland pissbrain~

  • When do ppl realize that living in a society comes with a responsibility. If you want nothing to do with our "high trust" environment, if that is a playground for you to loot and kill them there should be harsh consequences. Three strikes and broken window policies are a great way to maintain order for all citizens without targeting any particular race. The West is here for you to enjoy but if you commit 3 acts of violence fair warning, you're out.

  • Nothing wrong with Profiling, when will these People learn, have a Gun ready at all times or a dog, if there would have been a dog ready, these Thugs would pass up, and go down the Road. Start Killing these Monsters, and when the Law comes to arrest the Victim, the entire Community needs to gather emmeditely, and all this will stop!!!

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