Feb 05, 2022

Virginia Dare

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States are taking notice of Biden’s Administrative Amnesty policies. Now, Attorneys General are leading the fight with federal lawsuits, and are succeeding, thanks to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton leading the original multi-state suits against Obama’s Deferred Action programs for illegal aliens.

Read the full story here: is being censored ❗

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  • Tine for you to leave Fantasy-Land. World History is full of gullible common people who allowed their Government to disarm them the go back on their charter to maintain Freedom and equality. Enter reality and study the History of DEMOCIDE. The Democrats of California to NY have disarmed all our children's schools - and they know that soon another psycho will mass kill - then the Democrat and Cabal owned News Media will make sure that the school shoot is known about while blocking all the rapes and home invasion robberies that were stopped by gun owners. And why is it that you never hear about DEMOCIDE on any News or other network in Democrat Controlled States? You are being disarmed and injected by experimental concoctions like cattle.

  • The Criminal Biden Administration is buying votes by handing your tax dollar over to Mexicans and other migrants while they disarm and enslave you.

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