Dec 04, 2021

Virginia Dare

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Join Publisher Lydia Brimelow on a tour of the historic Berkeley Springs Castle in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. This video was produced as an introduction to our 2021 Giving Tuesday live stream.

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  • The man lives in a castle, has an attractive young wife & he wants us to give him money. Naaah.

  • Beautiful! Congrats, and thank you for all your vital reporting.

  • I used to live in Berkeley County WV years ago (1990s) and toured the castle at one point, even contemplated buying it as it was on the market super cheap. But I was very unimpressed at the time -- the interior decor was cheap and hideous looking and the work it would have taken to do it justice was way outside of my budget.

    You folks at V-DARE are doing FABULOUS though -- already it looks light-years more beautiful and I can't wait to see further progress. Maybe someday when all this COVID nonsense is finished I'll even get to visit there again. Keep up the great work, Mr. & Mrs. Brimelow!

  • This is spectacular! Thank you for all you do!

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