Vilma Cat Hunt Hissing
Oct 08, 2021

I'm Vilma the kitty and I purr in Finland. I like chimken snacks and pat pat pats. I share...


A short clip of Vilma's habit of hissing at toys when she gets really excited. I think this behavior started as a kitten when she would play and hiss at a cat who she used to live with. Now the habit is still strong even as an adult :)

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  • Thank you for sharing these... I lost my last FurBaby last year (her name was "CC" (as in Carbon Copy of all pure Black Cats)) and looked exactly like Vilma... So I love seeing your SHARES... I lost SYLVESTER (yes, named cuz he looked like the Tweety and Sylvester cartoon kitty) the year before... I am heartbroken, lonely without them around, but due to my own Health and other issues do not feel it WISE to commit to taking in another kitty at this point, so, again, THANK YOU FOR SHARING as I watch regularly. Give Vilma a BIG HUG (sure she'll hate it, as all Cats do) for me!

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