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42: Authentic Buffalo Wings
May 23, 2021

Life Skills with Dr. V.

Hello and welcome to my channel - Life Skills with Dr. V. I'm Dr. Vullo - my students called me...



In episode 29: Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches ( I promised that I'd teach you how to make genuine Buffalo 🦬Wings and in today's episode I make good on that promise. Wings are not difficult to make, but when a recipe is simple, each component is important. Follow my lead and you'll be enjoying wings the way we native Western New Yorkers do! 😋 (Also, along the way we make a batch of clarified butter.)

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  • Thank you @curious_me. I don't need/use clarified butter often and it's easy and inexpensive to make when I need it. That's a fairly soft plastic cutting board - the same material used in commercial kitchens. It's easy on the knives and can be sterilized in the dishwasher. I have wooden cutting boards too and use them when appropriate. Never with raw meat.

  • looks good. is there a reason why you made your own clarified butter instead of buying from the store? also, you may find a wooden cutting board easier on the knives.

  • Looks good but I would never use a microwave. I don't own one. It destroys the fiber in the food. Putting the hot butter in plastic!! That releases carcinogens into food. Never mix heat and plastic! I make my wings exactly like this but I never clarify the butter and you can't tell a y difference.

  • You're welcome @absolutelyridiculous! Every oven is different and the size of the wings vary, so I'd judge the doneness by the color and how crispy they are when you turn them (with a pair of tongs). But in the neighborhood of an hour - give or take 10 minutes - is probably where you'll be.

  • Dr. V! Thank you for this! Can you share the time you'd leave them in the air-fryer (or an oven) if it had started fully pre-heated? Or do you tell doneness by some other method? Anything other than the color?

  • Well, now you know how, so make some @Caudill! 😁(We ate the leftovers for dinner tonight. 😋)

  • I want some!

  • Fuck yeah we got food n stuff on gab tv now? hope i can find gardening too lmao gab tv gets bigger and we wont even need to useyoutube for content xD that will be a glorius day

  • Not exactly "Authentic" but okay "recipe". I like to watch "how to" videos the first time without audio. A few subtitles would have significantly improved your video.

    BTW one cannot produce clarified butter if you start with salted butter.

    Also had some thoughts about your lack of food safety, but will wait till I have time to watch again with sound to hear if you addressed a few issues.

    Please feel free to post/announce your Food videos in our small group Food Craft - Making and Methods

  • I make them similar, but the sauce is 1 cup hot sauce, 1 cup butter, juice of 1 lemon and a package of Good Seasons Italian dressing mix.

  • My daughter @Fleecimals just checked and watched the whole video from her house @aario and the video was complete, so the issue seems to be at your end. Please try again.

  • Oh that's not good @aario. I'll check to see if something went wrong with the upload. (Are you by any chance watching on a mobile device? I have heard that there can be video playback issues on mobile.)

  • Thanks but the video looks incomplete!

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