Aug 28, 2021

Life Skills with Dr. V.

Hello and welcome to my channel - Life Skills with Dr. V. I'm Dr. Vullo - my students called me...



In this episode I wire up the electronic and electrical components of my MPCNC and then test it out to see if it works. I did 3 tests: First "the Crown" which is a ready-to-run G-Code file by Ryan, the creator of the MPCNC at V1 Engineering. Second I took a design my daughter Michelle (@Fleecimals) had done for the LASER cutter in my old lab, converted it to SVG, then loaded it into LightBurn, resized it, generated G-Code, then edited the G-Code to make it work with my test pen instead of a LASER. And the final test was just for fun. 😁 Most of the assembly portion of the video is sped up (because boring), but you can follow along the build instructions I'm using starting here: You can watch Part 1 here: Part 2 here: and Part 3 here:

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  • You should share your Burley and conversion to Primo in my 3D Printing group ( @bugilt

  • The MPCNC is something else. I got the pre Primo version still. I printed up all the primo parts for a friend and still haven't got him to take them. I guess I'll be upgrading to primo soon.

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