89: Chicken French
Oct 10, 2021

Hello and welcome to my channel - Life Skills with Dr. V. I'm Dr. Vullo - my students called me...


You may have only had Chicken French (Chicken Francese) in your favorite Italian restaurant, but in this episode I show you how to make it at home. Recipe is here: (Join the Life Skills Group while you're there!)

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  • Thank you so much @RichardDollar! The cider will be dry because there's not enough sugar to reach the yeast's alcohol tolerance. The extra yeast just gave them a boost at getting going in the presence of a preservative. Other than that, the amount of yeast you add is of very minor importance because they start multiplying as soon as they are re-hydrated and will grow enough to ferment to either their alcohol tolerance or until they run out of fermentable sugars.

  • You always have great content. That was simple and great even made me hungry. And best of all there would be no clean up because the plates would have been licked clean. I always enjoy when you make wine and cider I do wonder if the extra yeast will make the cider dryer?

  • Looks very good, it would be interesting to add what each ingredient does for our health, as your adding them. Thank you

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