Feb 20, 2021

Warrior Saints

The Way of the Warrior Saint is a movement that heralds self-sacrifice, or Crucifixional Living,...



Are you bearing your own load? Or are you a victim? There’s nothing new about blaming others, of course. Watch Fr. Chris discuss why victimhood is dangerous and listen while he shares St. Paul’s cautionary advice. Plus get ready for the Warrior Saints challenge that starts on March 15th as we begin Great Lent (Orthodox calendar). ✍️When you watch, please Comment, because we love to hear your thoughts!
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Culture Fails

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  • She was probably paid to do it and got publicity for the race card.. it's like another Greta in a way. This has never happened ever before because people read the labels and instructions. I mean the name is Gorilla GLUE.. she was paid I'm convinced!

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