Apr 10, 2021

Warrior Saints

The Way of the Warrior Saint is a movement that heralds self-sacrifice, or Crucifixional Living,...



☦️ We’re fighting another monster today, depression’s sibling: hopelessness. With all of the chaos going on at once in the world, besides in many of our personal lives, many people want to give up. They say it is too much, too hard, evil has gone too far – it is insurmountable. Hopelessness sets in. Banish it! It’s Day 20 of the Warrior Saints Challenge. Father Chris shares more of the secret of Frodo and Sam’s success, and the power of Psalms 23. In it is God’s practical solution. Come get some! [Watch /Warrior Saints Challenge details are in the video description.]

Verses Psalm 23


  1.   Read any chapter from The Way of the Warrior Saint.
  2.   Exercise in some way.
  3.   Post your reaction to the chapter and what exercise you did on our Page/Timeline or on today’s video.
  4.   Include <a href="">#Iamawarriorsaint</a>; in your post.
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Battling Monsters

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  • we all know David was a shepherd and wrote about it in the psalms, but i learned some things about sheep that i didn't know before....

    1. Did you know that they will destroy the ground where the grass they eat grows, which is obviously why the shepherd has to move the sheep around.
    2. Did you know that sheep are actually afraid of moving water, and the shepherd will often have to build a little pool in the stream in order to make a still place so that the sheep will drink from it.
    3. When sheep are skittish, as in walking through dark valleys and such, the shepherd will not only speak to them but with hus staff will tap the sheep so they know he is still there, and remain calm. This is such a beautiful in-depth picture of how our Lord takes care of us. I love this psalm.
  • Loved this clip. Inspirational stuff

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