No Problem is a Problem – Crucifixional Life Stream
Sep 09, 2021

The Way of the Warrior Saint is a movement that heralds self-sacrifice, or Crucifixional Living,...


☦️ Why do some people sometimes say “no problem,” meaning “I forgive you” or “I don’t mind what you did” when they are the one who dropped the ball?


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  • You sound like you are more on a rant about what the renter said to you... Of course you have the right to feel irritated with this person you say you care for, but and l hate to use the word but, l think rather then airing your rants with people who may be a witness to some of your shows, you may have used another way of bringing that rant to the people using an unknown subject or person and something similar but not exactly like what is not for me to say as you do what you want, but when we have the platform to reach many people, wouldn t it be nice if it was done without stripping one of their dignity or self is so easy to make one feel small and worthless and hard to remember that we are to love each other as we would our own family .. l am not Catholic, l am Protestant and l dont go to Church all the time, it is just the way l treat people every day of my life because l know every single person l speak to had or has a battle they are fighting, so they dont need it with those from a power of Trust. Next time, do a Police check on your neighors before you rent. lt will save you money and time. Good Luck to you

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