Aug 19, 2021

Warrior Saints

The Way of the Warrior Saint is a movement that heralds self-sacrifice, or Crucifixional Living,...



☦️ Media headlines for “news” and opinion/analysis articles from both sides are click bait to make you afraid and angry. And it sells. Come see if you agree.

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Culture Fails

  • 13:30
    Gov’t or God: Who Provides Your Ethics? – Crucifixional Life Stream
    403 views ▪ a year ago
  • 09:32
    Gorilla Glue Girl – Crucifixional Life Stream
    519 views ▪ a year ago
  • 10:07
    Overcoming Cancel Culture
    550 views ▪ a year ago
  • 22:30
    Overcome Cancel Culture – Crucifixional Life Stream
    437 views ▪ a year ago
  • 13:10
    Happy Belated Birthday Dr. Seuss - Crucifixional Life Stream
    332 views ▪ a year ago
  • 13:01
    Overcome the Chaos
    556 views ▪ a year ago
  • 11:34
    Battle for your mind – Crucifixional Life Stream
    431 views ▪ a year ago
  • 13:58
    It's Madness - Crucifixional Life Stream
    413 views ▪ a year ago
  • 12:21
    A World Gone Mad – Crucifixional Life Stream
    564 views ▪ a year ago
  • 09:28
    Who's Cheese? Nachooooooooo! - Crucifixional Life Stream
    428 views ▪ a year ago
  • 07:39
    How do you see the world? – Crucifixional Life Stream
    475 views ▪ a year ago
  • 06:34
    Kumbaya ain't cutting it – Crucifixional Life Stream
    436 views ▪ a year ago
  • 09:23
    Let’s Fight the Fighters – Crucifixional Life Stream
    516 views ▪ a year ago
  • 10:48
    I say dead, people - Crucifixional Life Stream
    426 views ▪ a year ago
  • 09:20
    Train up a child - Crucifixional Life Stream
    404 views ▪ a year ago
  • 04:56
    Think! – Crucifixional Life Stream
    499 views ▪ a year ago
  • 08:27
    See Through the Triggers – Crucifixional Life Stream
    715 views ▪ 10 months ago
  • 07:11
    Think! pt 2 – Crucifixional Life Stream
    555 views ▪ 10 months ago
  • 06:41
    Distractions: COVID-19 - Crucifixional Life Stream
    718 views ▪ 9 months ago
  • 09:52
    Distractions: TV – Crucifixional Life Stream
    568 views ▪ 9 months ago
  • 05:18
    Don’t be Politically Correct – Crucifixional Life Stream
    592 views ▪ 8 months ago
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  • Tho I agree with much of this, Joe Biden is not a legitimate president. The election was stolen in broad daylight, There is legitimate anger over this. You don't support a thief when they break in and steal someones stuff, in the same way you don;t support a group of folks that took it upon themselves to steal and nullify the votes of millions of people in the USA. The entire world looks to the USA as being a place of freedom, a government of and by the people. The entire world is being harmed by what happened here and subsequently by the results produced by such acts.

    But yes ... click bait sucks,

  • sheep will be sheep, clickbait is what it is and people fall for it daily, I refused for a few years now because it annoys me. but I don't watch TV either, and I refuse to watch any films with advertising, most right wing stooges also push people to buy gold or guns or prepper food, I stay away from them as well.

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