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Your Best You – Crucifixional Life Stream
May 25, 2021

Warrior Saints

The Way of the Warrior Saint is a movement that heralds self-sacrifice, or Crucifixional Living,...



☦️ Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! We’re talking today about how to be our best, and … SURPRISE! …Our Lord and Savior told us and showed us how, and easy is not part of His formula for success.

Verse: Matthew 7:13

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  • my friend, you talk about weight gain; the thing is your weight has to average out, you cannot count weight this way. Do you want stop eating completely? no. you need to eat. heavy cream will put on weight, right? If you have a wife who can take care of you? she can do what you need.

    There's a better me? ok thats good advice. The gate that leads to the kingdom? is NOT like a burrito! You will make God really angry by teaching incorrectly (book of James). Let me ask you, can you enter the narrow gate AND the wide gate at the same time? Or, can part of you enter one gate, and another part the other? The message Jesus spoke 2000 years ago is that you must be born again or you will go to hell, or the wide road to destruction. Does that warning not bother you at all? Jesus didnt come to be nice, he says be born again, or else!

    But in Catholicism, its not about Gods word, you dont seem to take Christs teaching serious. comparing a burrito to salvation? Its all will power, you dont have Christ with you, right? Its life apart from God, just do what you think is "good" and you think God rewards that? You dont teach your listeners to be born again, because Catholicism went off course; You teach do whatever you feel like doing, dont listen to God, but why? Dont you fear God at all? You take the warning from Jesus to be born again and make that into eating a burrito. So on judgement day do you think God will be happy with you? telling others to disregard his word? As a man "of the cloth"? Standing out as an expert of Gods laws? and teaching them to ignore God? Being born again means taking power from the Catholic church, so you refuse to teach it. Its so painful to hear you trample on Christs message. sincerely.

  • What are you talking about?

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