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The Procedure | An Anti-Abortion Animated Short ft. Kevin Sorbo (Made IN SECRET by Top-Level Animators)
Oct 31, 2022


A streaming service, for those that hate hollywood.



Why did this medical professional quit after what he witnessed? Find out in this first episode of 'Exposed', by Choice42 and Find out more:

Please share this and pray it has the ability to change hearts.

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  • Immediately following overturn of Roe v Wade…The Secretary of the Air Force issued a memo to all airmen, civilians and contractors that abortion for rape victims will continue and the “victim” needn’t divulge the identity of the “rapist”

  • Read your Bible. It is much easier to LEARN than it is to UNLEARN something. :-)

  • Anyone who supports this is the enemy of humanity and God.

  • I made a short film using the ALICE program while in college. It started with a flower growing in a field, then a huge alien foot stomps it and laughs an evil laugh. The foot continues walking and comes upon a white rabbit and stomps it and laughs again. Then the alien demon goes into an abortion clinic and we see an obviously pregnant female approach the door and go in. A short time later we hear a baby crying, it suddenly stops in mid-cry and we hear the alien demon laugh again. I turned it in and never saw it again.

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