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Crazies Protesting in Austin, TX
May 15, 2022


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A drive around Austin, Texas to see some of the lunatics out in force.

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  • "30 million black babies never made it out of the womb"??? Really?? So.... you're saying there is some good news to the abortion story. 30 million less Joggers Jogging. Great!!

  • You know, a lot of these morons if shown absolute truth will not change their ways.

  • That lady was talking about the burning and looting in Minneapolis, LOL her side did that.

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  • sigh can't believe I have these caca heads living in my city smh

  • Jesus has a very special place prepared for those wicked, profane, mentally ill people...and for everyone that rejects his word and his gospel. It's called HELL, and it is forever.

  • Austin Texas is a SHITHOLE city and the capital of Texas.

  • Biden was never in the white house. That guy might actually be correct. Obama loathed and still loathes him. After all Barry did say "never underestimates Joe's ability to screw things up". All these people still underestimate his incompetence.

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  • Well, the motto has long been, "Keep Austin weird." Why real Texans tolerate it is a mystery to me, after all it is the capitol.

  • The old guy in the green shirt and all the old hippy types are the ones that did the "Brown" acid at Woodstock.

  • These are truly wrecked people. You are definitely on the money that the Commies are using the lunatics as their Brownshirts to harass, intimidate and generally weird people out on the street.

  • The dumbasses- Joe Biden was not in WH before and the real idiot- Abbott Enterprises recall they are not an enterprise. This is the effect of DUMBING DOWN IDIOTS!! They cannot THINK after their Liberal RE-EDUCATION!

  • @3:50 Yikes ! what sort of creature is that ? Look like a cross between Walrus & a homofag

  • Psycho MF'ers. I've been wondering why so many men support abortion, and I just figured it out. DUH!! It's because they can F**K all these HO's without fear of a paternity suit. If they get pregnant, just murder the fetus. To them, it's as simple as that.

  • Dawn of the walking idiots. Might make a good movie.

  • I really do pray for that large rock from space to hit us. These people which really is the average American is mental.

  • Marxist Democrat liberal women are so fugly , dirty, nasty and just outright crazy.

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