May 13, 2022


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Sheeple in Canada give their thoughts on having a 4th injection.

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  • At this point they have sunk to a level below Sheeple. Even a sheep at some level knows it is in danger. Kind of insulting to sheep. These things have an IQ level of a maggot. Not sure if it is conspiracy or not. If the conspiracy theory is correct, It will be a great relief to mankind to remove them from earth with 5G.

  • I still can't believe there are some who say it will keep the community safe, that is the level of brainwashing the government has done, the experimental drug does nothing except put your life in danger, and the government still has yet to provide the isolated virus which means they admit the hoax is just that, there is no virus if it's not been isolated

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  • As I see, it's more a matter of "believing" and "feeling" than actual results. We'll see where the right was...

  • It's a miracle they're alive to even discuss a 4th round.

  • The people have been dumbed down by design.

  • HA HA HA HA! These retards got whatever FROM the shit. What a bunch of cucks.

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