The full video of Chris sky at the mall before getting arrested.
Nov 19, 2021

꧁༺ɨ ǟʍ ǟ ɢʟɨȶƈɦ ɨռ ȶɦɛ ʍǟȶʀɨӼ. ɖօ ռօȶ ȶʀʏ ȶօ ʄɨʟɛ ʍɛ, ƈʟǟֆֆɨʄʏ ʍɛ, օʀ քɨɢɛօռ ɦօʟɛ ʍɛ ɨռȶօ ʏօʊʀ...


THE FULL VIDEO. Its starts with them asking for a mask exemption which we provide and is accepted but one guard has a personal problem with me and tells us he can ban us anyways bec this is "his house" they follow us and continue to threaten us. I tell them I wont even fight back... ill just call 911. They assault both me and my wife and foricbly confine us in separate cells for hours. ... so I called 911 and the police came to let us out. Now. West Edmonton Mall will learn how to respect rights and freedoms. It STARTS at West Edmonton Mall. Sat dec 4. Stand by. This is operation #JUSTICEFORJENNY

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  • There’s no need for a stupid exemption, occupation health and safety guarantees that any store must supply people with adequate ventilation to a minimum oxygen level of 19.5%. When a store forces a person to wear a mask, this lowers your oxygen to 17%, which is ILLEGAL! If masks are forced on people to participate in commerce, the store must supply proper ventilation to all patrons. Carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas, and IS toxic to any person. This is the law, and if stores refuse to follow the law, people are entitled to take their offenders to a court of law. How can any judge defend the use of masks, when the law clearly states our rights. If law enforcement does not uphold this one simple law, the tyrants can do anything they want to us with no accountability. If this one law is not upheld, we as a society are completely screwed!!

  • Random people starting to get self-righteous, just like in this case "this is my house" - is exactly what the rabid MSM narrative / propaganda wishes to achieve. They wish us to fight each other. It's the new "race-card" or "race hate", just more divide and hatred instilled in random people. There is no more good/wrong, there is only babylonian chaos, based on the irrational hate, irrational hatred irrational divide. vaxed are ought to hate unvaxxed, unvaxxed are ought to fear everyone, gov just waits for first signs of violence and enacts extremely strict anti-terrorism laws, labeling random people as terrorists (unvaxed = terrorist, truther = terrorist, owns a gun = terrorists, free speech advocate = terrorist)

    It won't take long and random people will be encouraged to hunt down and literally murders unvaxxed.

    There is no winner in this war - the vaxxed will become hateful murderers and the unvaxxed will be lynched on streets or in their own houses. Only the puppet masters will rub their bloody hands, laughing, how their strings can manipulate once so proud nations.

  • This is what happens when you bruise a [NAZI] security guards EGO

  • Fuckin gestapo are disgusting vile pieces of dog shit, wait til this is over these mothers will be in big trouble..damn those FORD Nazis..those mother fuuuckers need to be brought to Justice…fuck Justin Trudeau *****

  • Over a mask they assaulted both of them. If i was going to shop lift, I'd wait till they go after someone without a mask. Apparently non mask wearers take precedence over shoplifting.

  • Difference is, I would just leave.

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