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Vaccine Carnage In The ER, A Nurse Speaks Out
Jun 17, 2022

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꧁༺ɨ ǟʍ ǟ ɢʟɨȶƈɦ ɨռ ȶɦɛ ʍǟȶʀɨӼ. ɖօ ռօȶ ȶʀʏ ȶօ ʄɨʟɛ ʍɛ, ƈʟǟֆֆɨʄʏ ʍɛ, օʀ քɨɢɛօռ ɦօʟɛ ʍɛ ɨռȶօ ʏօʊʀ...



Vaccine Carnage In The ER, A Nurse Speaks Out

Original video from 'Cafe Locked Out', link below:

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  • An aside: She's such a dead ringer for Katerina Witt, the German figure skater from the 80s. Important testimony she gave, thank you for this interview.

  • Govt beaurocracies are the same thing as dictators, it turns out. Everyone

  • The obedient jabbees. Nobody can make money off their injuries, so it is never discussed by anyone. They sure did not jab our border jumpers, would not want to hurt them.

  • I absolutely can't stand the inflection she puts at the end of nearly every sentence. Is everything statement a question?

  • The future does not look good for the vaxed

  • Notice how a lot of her co-workers considered her crazy. What if she lived in the USA and a judge agreed with that assessment in a hearing she was not allowed to attend....

  • Normies will never learn, they will take what they are told to take, they just can’t help themselves.

  • Keep taking those boosters dummies. You were all fucking warned and you called us conspiracy nuts, so fuck you all, you were warned.

  • For you people who have been inoculated, you have been chipped and your body has been altered. The Covid is a 19th version of the bio-weapon that they created. Hence the name Covid 19.

    Please look up Agenda 2030.

    AIDS was created as a bio-weapon disguised to look like a virus. As no virus can hide from your antibodies, only a designer bio-weapon can be engineered to do that.

    It was a "designer virus" created to target two groups, the gays and the blacks.

    But of course, it got away from them just like the Covid.

    (And they don't give a fuck who it kills).

    AIDS and Covid came from a far away land, they both were blamed on exotic animals and both came out of NOWHERE.

    Remember any time anything comes out of NOWHERE, the United States Government is ALWAYS behind it.

    Fauci also led AIDS research for 30 years.

    The parallels are striking.

    To be clear the Covid was released on the Hong Kong protesters who were in the news every day just prior to its release.

    They wanted freedom from Communist China, and after the Covid, they disappeared.

    This is because they're all dead now!

    The Gov has betrayed you, so you must sue the Government, the AMA, and the Drug companies and tie up the courts with endless lawsuits.

    Because you people have been poisoned, so you must use the system against the system.

  • This nurse is Australian Mary-Jane Stevens UAP party candidate For BOWMAN.

  • at this point the medical industry only has the trust of those who are killing themselves with all of this.

  • If someone is looking at this video and is undecided about her veracity they might ask themselves this question, "who is selling this?"," Who stands to gain?", "Who has hands on practical experience?". Then ask themselves the question again regarding her veracity. If you find her not credible I urge you to take your next booster as soon as it's available. That lone selfish act will do more to save lives than your own ignorance. Whether you are jabbed or not and you know they are killing us you have a duty to speak out and support holding these murderers accountable. There are still children and millions who are still being coerced that are not jabbed yet. Save your species and fight!

  • The courts and lawsuits are coming and they will remove all who forced the failing mRNA Experiment by threat of losing your job. Including all Hospital Administers and your Gov officials who drafted laws to force the mRNA death jabs.

  • Johnson and Johnson, made with fetal tissue. Now have constant PVCs (20 percent PVC, 80 percent normal beats). Wife has it also. No more vaccines for us. The damage has been done however. Just say no, you will be healthier!

  • Darwin at work.

  • Once you get it, you're genetically modfied forever. It's too late. Regardless of the side effect and death, if you live, you will never be the same again. There is NO CURE for being modified with this genetic experiement. NO CURE AND WILL NEVER BE A CURE. It is PERMANENT, FOR ALL YOUR GENERATIONS (IF you can have children again). Forever. Your line is dead the moment you get the vaxx.

  • Great introspective

  • Normies are so hopeless. This woman knows it was all a criminal scam and she still uses the euphemistic terminology of her enemies, "counseling" to describe bullying and coercion.

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