Arizona/Maricopa Senate Hearing Recap, MASSIVE Discrepancies
Jul 15, 2021

Tired of the lies? Tired of the Main Stream Media? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth?...


Arizona/Maricopa Senate Hearing Recap, MASSIVE Discrepancies


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  • They will give the people another Election using the same system

  • Stall Tactics that nothing gets fixed but plenty of more BS from the NAZI GOVERNMENT and Bankers

  • Thank you for your report!

  • They create the disasters to swoop back in to act like they are fixing something but make it worse before they are done oh like Viet Nam and the Middle East and Corp. Jabs

  • I think the Audits are just stalled tactics and are just another plan stage to fraud the people some more or they would all be done at the same time

  • Updating the machines isn't as important, IF they're NOT connected to the internet, or any easily accessible network. Your personal OS that's right on the net is exposed to every hacker on the planet, but an air-gapped voting machine only has one job to do, and if it's working well then updating isn't vital. Not that they were doing their job well anyway, so I hear...

  • LOL Nothing will happen. Tell me what are republicans going to do about the Maricopa Audit revelations? Nothing They will not riot they will not protest. they will not investigate any Democrat or official over this. They are useless. Now they have the information what will they do about it? Nothing. No on will be charged indicted over this. Potus TRUMP will not be returned to power because no one republican will hit the streets to make it count. Republicans are all talk and no action. IE Gowdy Jordan Gaetz Nunes etc etc. MTG is an exception DeSantis is not bad bat the rest are gutless.

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