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Ashli Babbitt's Husband Is SUING DC Police!
Jun 11, 2021

William Hall

Tired of the lies? Tired of the Main Stream Media? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth?...



Ashli Babbitt's Husband SUES DC Police For Video And Name Of Officer


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What Really Happened on January 6th?

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    Ashli Babbitt's Husband Is SUING DC Police!
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    GLOWING In The Dark - Did The Feds INSTIGATE January 6?
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    FBI's New Domestic War on Terror and Operation Mockingbird
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  • If he takes a settlement (which will probably be shockingly huge) he will never be allowed to share the outcome of the trial with anyone, ever! As well, the public will never know the truth if he doesn't have a jury trial. He must request a jury trial.

  • What??? The person that shot her was a white Secret Service agent! Not a black Capital police officer. ????

  • Say it isn't so. ;-) The sequence from The Fate Of Empires by Sir John Glubb is [conquest, commercialization, affluence, intellectualism, disintegration, decadence, dispair]. Do you wonder where we are in this sequence that every civilization or empire has gone through before, and what's coming next?

  • What about the red and white tape on those 'officers' guns? and this: Capitol Attack Organized and Instigated by Federal Agents

  • William, your argument Is incoherent. You suggested that she wasn’t doing anything illegal by implying that they were led in my the police. You’re discounting accountability on the people’s behalf. Ashli climbed a window to enter the room. She’s fully accountable for taking that route when it was clear that the police had obstructed the entrance into the hall.

    Now, you can report the events, but don’t throw the weight of propaganda behind it to make it as though Ashli was absolutely within her rights. She wasn’t!!

  • When I heard about what happened I said right away the FBI and probably the CIA was involved with this incursion. The democrats planned all this to set the conservatives and Constutionlists the people on the right up. Not to worry GOD is going to bring these corrupt people down in the goverment. Look to see a change in the presidency.

  • I saw in the videos released after the shooting (I think mainly from Infowars) that the officer who shot her was in a suit. He was not in uniform like regular capitol police. In fact, people were saying he was Adam Schiff's security personnel??? So I don't know. I thought I saw who shot her on a video like others must have seen him??

  • It's ridiculous how hypocritical those with so-called principles have become, be it our press or our politicians. The very same people that tell you that in Babbitt's case the police found that there was no case to answer for the officer, therefore it is gospel, are the very same people who refuse to believe the same about Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake and Ma'Khia Bryant. A police shooting is only justified to them when the victim right leaning, and preferably white. Justice was meant to be blind for a reason.

  • The police are complicit.

  • All of the people posting the Ashli Babbitt murder was faked are Zionist shills attempting to undermine White western civilization. Laugh at them or ignore them, but don't drink their kool-aid.

  • Thank you William Hall--keep up the good work on reporting information 'they' ignore.

  • We need to look more deeply at the Ashli Babbitt “shooting”. I suggest that it was yet another hoax attack -- everything was staged and no one was killed.

    Watch the video of the event carefully. Does any of it look real? Do the victim's injuries look real? Does the blood look real? Does the way the blood spreads out look real?

    When the “shooter” holds his gun out in view of the crowd behind the door, do the “protestors” scatter? No, because they were actors and knew there was no real danger.

    When, after several seconds, the “shooter” fires his gun, do the “protestors” scatter? No -- again because they were actors and knew there was no real danger.

    Does the reaction of the “protestors” look real? What do real people do when a gun is pointed at them? When a gun is fired at them? What would you do?

    The official narrative promoted by the government and the corporate media is useful only in that it tells us what didn’t happen. . .

  • Deep fake news. This William is a deep fake actor if he doesn't know Babbitt was fake.

  • I have a picture of the police office that shot Ashley. he wasn't even close to her. He was on her left shooting her from that side. He was in no danger what so ever. She didn't even have a gun on her to even make him think that he was in immediate danger. This officer needs to be charged with first degree murder. No if or an about it. She was an innocent by standard. Agree she shouldn't of been where she was, but what I could see of the footage she wasn't a threat at all.

  • How the hell do I stop videos from buffering? Please? Anyone? I can't watch anything on Gab.

  • Ass Babbit committed treason against the US Capitol and got what she deserved for it... .Shot. If she had been black, all you Trump Trash would be saying she deserved it, too... You always do.

  • The January 6th "Babbitt" shooting has been proven CONCLUSIVELY to have been 100% STAGED (a FALSE FLAG), and see the INCONTROVERTIBLE evidence that I provided my Virginia Democrat Senators Warner and Kaine with, which proves WITHOUT QUESTION that "Babbitt" is a TRAITOR crisis actor, who was NOT SHOT! (see comments for latest).

  • Finally some accountability for the needles shooting of an unarmed contained person Excessive use of force..,murdered

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