The BEST Case AGAINST Critical Race Theory You'll Ever See!
Jun 04, 2021

Tired of the lies? Tired of the Main Stream Media? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth?...


The BEST Case AGAINST Critical Race Theory You'll Ever See!


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  • more jew propaganda for all the cucks that believe everything they're told by the (((TV))).

    violent crime statistics, despite being largely manipulated for political purposes, clearly indicate what the problem is.

    behavioural tendencies are biological. Blacks and Whites need to have separate governments. Respect nature and stop mongrelising everything.

  • We agree. Teach kids HOW to think not What to think!

  • "we pray for people who are hurt."

  • Beautiful!

  • We are seeing a hostile takeover of America by democrat terrorists and their master plan is horiffic Look at this ASAP!!! visit

  • You don't need a case against nothing...there is no "theory for racism". We KNOW the cause: Whites think Blacks act strange.

  • Wow 11k views? That is actually kind of crazy

  • Who IS that young man? What a sweet daughter! I am a 71 year old Caucasian male who would love to interact with him! He definitely has his head screwed on correctly! CRT is the WORST idea in education since Lee Canter’s timeout theory! Another guy who has it right is Charles Barkley! Very impressed with both of these men!

  • There are always be people who don't like you, they are obnoxious for no reason. That doesn't mean they are racist bigots, we need to live with that. I'm Hispanic and I've been treated wrong by people of other ethnicities, but I don't think they are intolerant, just ignorant. As far as I'm concern, it's their problem not mine.

  • MLK is not a good role model. Dr. Ben Carson is far better as a role model.

  • This is a great argument against CRT and goes into detail why it should be done away with.

    But the bottom line to it is that it is racism. CRT is racism. And that is all that needs to be known about it. Of course this argument is excellent and we need more of it.


  • Well, it is right that many white people are privileged, but their privilege is not mainly their skin color - it's their culture. The best privilege any child can have is a good father who demonstrate a good character to them. Because many black people have been tricked into a wrong view of the importance of good male role models, and destroyed the idea of the nuclear family - they get disadvantaged. The same goes with white people who believe the same lies. If you have good supportive dads, like both in this video clip - who tell the truth - they are positioning themselves and their family for success. And, you experience what they say - if you work hard for it - you can get almost wherever you want. It is true that some people seem to have a better starting point. - but the one who works harder - will build more resilience, and that is often more important in the long run. When I think about some of the colored people that really have come up and are shining - I almost wonder, do they all outshine the white people? - if so - can it simply be because they had to work a lot harder to get where they got, and the fruit of that hard work is the glow that makes you so proud for them and thankful for what they bring to society?

  • Jews, Jews are teaching and pushing this.

  • love that

  • I mean kids can see others by their race look at schools they self segregate but i will also say they could create a better functioning society if we just left a group of highschoolers alone and uninfluenced.

  • Awesome 😎

  • In other news, the governor of Utah is asking for prayer for an end of the statewide drought. You don’t hear that from any leftist politicians. 😮😬 This according to a video on

  • A great dad

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