VIRAL: Transgender Parents Try To Breastfeed Child, HORRIFYING
Jul 16, 2021

Tired of the lies? Tired of the Main Stream Media? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth?...


VIRAL: Transgender Parents Try To Breastfeed Child, HORRIFYING


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  • That poor child...

  • Maybe it is a pretend baby? Everything else in their lives is pretend, why not the baby?

  • These are FREAKS! And anyone who condones this child abuse is a FREAK too!

  • These people are pedophiles. Any children around these people should be removed immediately. You have to feel very sorry for the baby because it has no idea what is happening to it. Lock these sick fuq's up in mental institutions. Damn you Geraldo for closing them all down!

  • They're hideous. In any normal society they'd be on Ward 9. Make mental illness sick again.

  • They kind of look like you, "William."

  • Mental retardation

  • This is insane.

  • So these people are actually straight.

  • Dungeon Master says: All straight people who viewed through the whole video w/o vomiting : Add +1 to Endurance permanently

  • Cringe factor, EXTREME! This is child abuse.

  • We allow mentally ill abominations to commit horrific acts such as this. But they want to take kids away from those that simply refuse Covid vaccinations.

    We need a world wide CW.

  • Demons. That's all. Just demons.

  • "I've not been able to produce milk but that's okay I'll substitute with formula". WTAF. That person be the baby's dad.

  • This is child molestation. Plain and simple. He doesn't produce milk because he isn't a woman with post pregnancy engorged breasts. So what purpose could he have for allowing an infant to suck on his nipple other than personal sexual pleasure. This amounts to them using a baby as a sex toy. Its disgusting and those two belong in jail. Babies are not playthings and they damn sure arenb't political and social agenda tools.

  • Sick cu#ts think it's a doll

  • The mental asylum has become a microcosm of society!

  • Transgenders should not be allowed in the same room with children Period

  • 😖🤢🤮

  • Wow. Just Wow.

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