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Yale Speaker FANTISIZES About Killing WHITE People
Jun 08, 2021

William Hall

Tired of the lies? Tired of the Main Stream Media? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth?...



Yale Speaker FANTISIZES About Killing WHITE People


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  • the psychiatrist is the psycho. lol

  • I'm just happy she's not thinking of BITING me! Broad has some teeth. I would not put any body parts near that mouth.

  • Keep up your excellent reports, Mr Hall. I just subscribed to your channel. God bless.

  • It's alright to Hate the Haters!

  • I think she has a tumor in her head. Making threats of murder is pretty damn serious. But she should know that there are plenty of white, MAGA guys who would clear that headache from her head with a single .308 round.

  • Shell get away with it because CRT (Communist Racist Theory) is the latest scheme to pin 60 years of complete suck due to democratic policies on to conservatives. The overwhelming turnout for Trump in the 2020 election exposed their base, minorities and women, as having begun to see them for what they are....lying, violent grifters with nothing to offer. This really has nothing to do with race...but they make it about race so useless idiots like this doctor have somewhere to point their "righteous rage". The power hungry elite want to do away with individual liberty, thought, free will, religion and civilized society in the hopes of installing a totalitarian regime. They need to gin up emotion, fear and anger to continue to scapegoat the conservative demographic. WHen they get done demonizing whites, they will go after any segment of the population that does not agree, asian, hispanics and blacks. Anyone who does not bend a knee will be branded a Heretic for not falling in line. History repeating itself, IE: the French revolution, the Bolshevik revolution, the 1930's in Germany etc... its been done to death. This so called doctor is just another in a long line of useful idiots.

  • And yet she still has her facebook and twitter accounts.

  • She's an ugly looking cunt too.... Fuck off bitch! Shit for brains!

  • All people with this lack of reason are to be pitied. They not only eschew reason and logic, they are incapable of understanding it. Jesus is called "Logos" for a reason. It means not only "The Word" but it exhaults Reason and Logic. Sound, Godly thinking.

  • An educated, bigoted, lunatic; way to common nowadays.

  • I say to this woman (Is that a woman?), "Physician, heal thyself."

  • As a white person I find this almost funny even though I probably shouldn't. This lady is the ultimate Karen, which is ironic since she's a psychiatrist.

  • She should be put in a mental Institution Strapped to a gurney.

  • She is a doctor? She needs to see a doctor! Race does not matter to me. I try to consider the more important things in life, like are you crazy and a threat to society.

  • Isn't she "lovely??" Shouldn't she be called a "deranged racist inciting violence via hate speech??"

  • I commend her for 'standing up' and placing her imbecility on display for the world to see and hear. There are millions of 'stupids' out there but those so willing to show it off are fewer and further between.

  • But they will give that bitch a gun, right? Come visit the hillbillies in the Ozarks Foreigner!

  • I'd be bitter if I had that face too!

  • Horse face got rejected by one too many White Men and she lost it.

  • Throw this ugly Bitch a dog biscuit and kick her in her ass. People like her are what they say they hate. ANTIFA is a perfect example. They claim to be anti fascist yet the take orders from today's Ernest Rohm (Maxine Waters) and do exactly the same things Hitler's brown shirts did.

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