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America is an Occupied Country
Jul 05, 2021
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  • It's true, when they say "White supremacist" they simply mean "White".

  • Hoping that things will go back to Normal.... Marxist Normaliaztion.
    Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis, and Normalization Are the Four Stages of a Marxist Takeover Look it up.

  • We haven't heard from you in 6 Days now, i'm hoping you're doing fine and just taking a little break. Let us know if you can.

  • I can't believe a disclaimer just popped up telling me I may be exposing myself to extremist content. On Gab? Really? He speaks the truth , once upon a time these thoughts were pretty mainstream. We have allowed the left to define perfectly acceptable American ideals as extreme. If they are considered extreme, sign me up! It's a video. He is entitled to freedom of speech no matter how "extreme" you think he is. The left gaslights and projects what they are doing onto us to get us to submit, capitulate out of fear we will be hunted down and thrown into federal prison without due process. They are the intolerant, they are the extremists seeking to destroy the America and our American ideals. Shame on you Gab for your warning disclaimer! Thank you sir for being willing to speak on video. Keep being brave sir, we have our voices and I hope we have enough courage to continue to use them as loud, as bold, and to as many people as we can until we reclaim our God given rights! Don't let the left shame you into silence because you might be labeled as "extreme". Unreal how they try to shame and terrify us into submission.

  • Ron Paul was right about everything.

  • It will not play for me

  • Amen! I say this over and over and over. All I see from fellow conservatives are memes. I'm serious

  • Tell me something I don't already know.

  • The problem with just putting out lots of "fear" statements that ends with "we gotta do something" just leaves people with no idea what to do. Our society thinks "doing something" is the same as "attacking something". We must topple statues, burn building, occupy government spaces, harass people online and offline, etc. So what exactly is "gotta do something?" This is what people, especially young people, need to know. How does any one person make any change? Where do they start? Where do they get heard? This is the info that needs put out, not just the "be afraid" speech followed by general "do something!"

  • America is a jewish controlled and occupied territory. We are all Palestinians NOW!

  • totally agree bro

  • What's going to happen in 24 hours let alone 3 years? Change is coming at warp speed it seems.

  • Fundraiser for this lad. This guy inspires me and I'm from the UK.

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