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LOOKING INTO GOVERNMENT PATENTS (how to get put on a list 101) (get tinfoil hats ready)
Aug 03, 2021
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  • I'm guessing the one problem I see with the final patent - and I'd need to read it - is it's dependent on CRT monitors. One thing he (they) didn't foresee was the almost overnight change to panels. The old CRT's definitely had electro-magnetic radiation, and I remember having to tweak the refresh rates so my eyes didn't explode.

  • His name is actually where the name HULO is from. HULO as in the Application to stream movies on.. Just like Netflix and others out there. But HULO was named after Hendricus.. Facts!

  • Tin Foil hats, M.I.T said they work. Surprised there is not a patent for it.

  • I think it's more than possible that "Hendricus G. Loos" is a pseudonym. The name has extreme length of time the name's been accumulating patents and the wild shifts in focii early on are strong indicators that the name isn't associated to one specific person.

  • Why does he always talk sideways opening mouth one sided, so weird.

  • The first one is very common. There is a saying that fusion technology is always only 30 years away. That is why that patent didn't go ahead. It is actually quite an interesting engineering and science field to follow.

  • Gladly, nobody is injecting magnets into their bodies.

  • Not sure tin foil hats will help, but having a place to go where there is no tv, radio, dvd player, or computer with monitor would be a good start. My question would be, short of tossing out all you electronic devices, is there a way to identify when this is happening, and to defeat it by programming just like they manipulate the frequency with programming. So all you really smart guys out there there is your project should you decide to accept it.

    Seems I remember a story from the early 1060's about advertisers using subliminal messages to manipulate people to buy stuff. Real big stink over that one. Laws were passed against this. But this which you discovered is a whole level up the ladder. If it were so in the 1990's it has gone much further since then.

  • The apparent change in this guy's technical discipline can be pretty easily explained. In a lot of cases, some or all of the people listed on a patent are not the actual people who came up with the idea; they are just the manager of the people that came up with the idea or the government program manager that commissioned the work.

    It should also be said that, just because the USPTO gives you a patent, it doesn't mean that your technology can work or does work. Government technical professionals are incentivized to file as many frivolous patents as possible, because they get atta boys and good boy points from their superiors for every patent they are awarded. Obviously, you can't just patent simple, easy to verify ideas frivolously; it would be too easy to disprove by the USPTO, and you wouldn't get your good boy points. So, instead, government people patent the most complicated, lofty, and impossible to disprove garbage possible. When the USPTO gets the application, they can't disprove it; it sounds smart; and that's good enough for their brainlet patent clerks. It's also worth mentioning that filing a patent can cost several thousand dollars in fees. The USPTO makes a lot of its money from these fees. The more patents coming through the door, the more money the USPTO makes, so they have a perverse incentive not to look at the garbage that gets patented too hard.

    As for this guy's 20 year gap in patents, it might reflect him working solely on classified projects for that period. Either way, the government is definitely interested in controlling your mind and subjugating you completely. Their technical capability to actually control your mind through high tech means, rather than good ole fashioned gaslighting and media manipulation, is, however, debatable.

  • You got the links? I really want to read this.

  • If you listen closely, you can hear barely audible low frequency noises in the background of this video.

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