Our Democracy Sucks
Jun 06, 2021

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  • "... It has degenerated into a democracy."

    LISTEN. Effin idiots.

    Pay attention. He is wearing his grandma's 1992 Christmas present.

  • The voices in my head tried to shape my reality but it didn't work for them either. Thinking that frightened them so they tried to assuage my disaffection by telling me that they're all My voices and that I'm the one in charge. They're so wrong. That's why the Federal Reserve's dilution of productivity with fake money corrupts the sane into insanity and why us old hippies can't be corrupted. Those dweebs nobody liked? They're professors at Universities now. What is a PhD in "creepy wierdo" good for? We outsource fucking to S.A. because we don't know how? Ha ha! Mamama they're all crazeeee now!

  • You, sir, are fucking epic!!!

  • Peeps have been spewing this whiny shit for a hundred years to absolutely no effect because they don't name the Jew.

  • I've been saying this for years. I would like to add that most of these Politicians are the Captain of the Debate Team in School. One day you are pro and the next day you are con for the subject. The ones that can debate either way are chosen to persuade the masses.

  • Great video man, absolute truth.

  • We're NOT a democracy, asshat. The word doesn't appear in ANY of our founding documents nor were there plans to make it one. We are a Constitutional Republic.

  • Liked the rant. Seen another. Wrote a short article for IRUUR1,com - Our Democracy Sucks | Finding Wurzelroot - Lists all your social. Good Fortune

  • This dude is incredibly precise in his description of our government. He's got a firm grasp of the level of destitution into which our government has fallen.

  • You look like Matt Dillon's brother Kevin Dillon.

  • Finally someone who gets it.

  • You are being trained to view your freedoms as selfishness.

    WAKE UP!

  • Dude! We are NOT in ANY WAY a democracy! Even using that word is surrendering to brainwashing!

  • He's right!

  • "And what are you going to do? Are you gonna go against them?"

    Yes. Yes I am.

  • America is NOT a democracy. We are a democratic REPUBLIC. Democracy comes from the word 'Mob'. Pure democracy is BLM thugs and ANTIFA causing an unfair trial for Derek Chauvin. Mobs need to be ruled by LAW. That's where the Republic in Republican comes from. You have been conditioned over the years to thnk America is a democracy by the Democrats. Remember the word 'REPUBLIC'...

  • The voice of reality

  • That's about the most black-pilled thing I've ever seen. I can't deny it though.

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