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Sep 07, 2022





What you just saw was maybe 1/8 of what happened to me. I had been running at this cheater and dying all morning in hopes that the battleye anticheat would eventually pick him up and ban him. This went on for 4 hours straight. I didn't catch all the deaths on camera, but that's why so many copies of my body are lying all over the map. The only way to sort of stop cheaters is to play community servers with admins that manually ban them. Community servers are not the game though: There are NO vanilla community servers, many claim to be, but my friend and I who have thoroughly looked into this have found that EVERY community server that claims to be vanilla has some form of loot adjustments. Community servers either have no Hive or a drastically smaller one than the official servers do. The most popular community servers have pages upon pages of arbitrary rules that inhibit speech, base building and overall player experience. Most are loot boosted so bad you're finding m4's in barns, adding to the carebear experience. The ones that add cool things like helis and traders have their economies busted so bad they have to add additional rules to regulate their broken economies. At the end of the day it doesn't even stop cheaters, it just makes them play sneaky and only use ESP so they can last longer without getting caught. Admins are always abusive and usually just end up becoming the cheaters themselves.

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  • Whats more rediculous than some goof cheating at a childs video game... is an adult that states he doesnt care about the human species because some goof is cheating in a video game. Youre pathetic.

  • I just stupidly bought the game too lol. FUCK.

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